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    Penny for your thoughts and other such nonsense
    You know, I could be rich if people would make me the penny offer. But then again when I'm done talking they may charge me for the time they will never get back.


    What per say is so cat like when women are being "catty"? We don't hiss. And unless they are freaky, the hair on our back doesn't stand up on end, come to think of it I don't have any hair to speak of on my back. We don't have retractable claws. Really. I think. Cats just ignore everything when they are being "catty".

    I know that the following are questions I have put to people but never received any good answers.

    1) Who is Josh? Was he a clown? Is that how we got the term "I'm just Joshing you"?
    2) Why do men's and women's shirts button on the opposite sides?
    3) If you are from another country and you live here and speak English, what language do they think in?

    Can I go home now?

    OH OH OH!!! Gabby has learned to say bless you when someone sneezes!! She treated me with that last night!!
    posted by Tc @ 4:00 PM  
    • At 2/9/05, 4:49 PM, Blogger Stacy said…

      OH OH OH OH!! I know this one. Ok, I "think" that the reason buttons are on the opposite sides of their shirts for men and women, was because back in the "olden days" the maids helped the women dress and they would button up their shirts for them..and the buttons being on the opposite side was easier for them. Ok, I could completly be pulling this out of my bum...but for some reason I think it might be true :)

      By the way Teresa, don't know if you read my response on Dina's blog. But Gavin is officially crawling and sitting up all by himself!! Oh, and he drank from his first sippy cup the day before yesterday. Ohhhhhhh, time is going by so fast.

      p.s. I soooo have to sneeze in front of Gabby ;)

    • At 2/10/05, 8:16 AM, Blogger Manda said…

      wow. you think a lot.
      and i don't know where i came up with the word "catty" at the time, but it just seemed to fit. *lol*

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