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    Hello Edgewaterjunkie










    Teresa Marx


    posted by Tc @ 1:02 AM   0 comments
    I forgot I could do this
    Update the site by e-mail!
    I don't have much to say right now but I should update more often!
    posted by Tc @ 12:56 PM   0 comments
    Did you know I update this all the time
    And you just don't know it?


    You see I have this internal dialog thing going on allllllll the freaking time and most of the time I'm "updating" this blog. So that when I finally do get a chance to sit down and update well I can't think of anything because I already told you everything. Only you know... I didn't.

    So lets update in age order


    I am still looking for a job however I do have some prospects. And I'm getting a little worried that when it's time to go back I won't want to. I love getting to be with Anne and watching her grow, and go to the gym during off peak times. I love that I get to make dinner at a reasonable hour.


    Is not dead. I haven't killed him. He too is still looking for work.


    Is doing wonderfull in the First Grade. it's amazing how quick she is. Her handwritting is getting better daily and this kid can read (granted not so much when she isn't paying attention) they have leveled books and she's reading level 5 now. I am so proud of her!


    Ok this kid loves to EAT. She will eat anything but jar baby food. And dear god DO NOT eat or drink anthing where she can see you unless you are prepared to share. She crawls now, but I was right. She started crawling AFTER she started walking the couch. She mimics sounds when she feels like it. And don't let her fool you. She knows how to say Dada and Mama but only when she freaking wants to. Da or Dada come out when she wants to play with him and you will only hear Ma or Mama when she is screaming bloody murder because *gasp* I put her down or walked out of the room and she didn't want me to. She still doesn't laugh much and mostly only for her sister.

    So there. You are mostly up to speed :)
    posted by Tc @ 10:16 AM   0 comments
    Look I'm like updating or something!
    Omg. It's been like.... a MILLION YEARS since I've updated this! So lets get started!

    Going from oldest to youngest

    1.) My hair is now short! As you can see in the drunken reunion pictures. Color change is next.
    2.) I have officially moved to the dark side, and have a confession to make. *cough* Martha Stewart is my new hero. I heart her!
    3.) I also have an honest truth. Juggling time between my girls and Alex is A LOT harder than I thought it would be.
    4.) Confession: I still want to try for a boy.
    5.) I'm learning how to make my own baby food!

    Alex Updates:
    1.) Alex is taking to being a stay at home Dad like uh.... uh... Marine life takes to a massive oil spill.
    2.) I think he could possibly have a career in interior decorating... he seems to like to re-arrange things and pretty up our space.

    Gabby Updates:
    1.) My BABY starts 1st Grade on Monday!!
    2.) She is missing her top right front tooth (sooo cute).
    3.) Is getting bossier and smart mouthed trying to find out what she can get away with.
    4.) Has decided she wants to start diving lessons (never mind that she has to get swimming lessons first she just wants to dive.)
    5.) Is not getting enough Mommy time.
    6.) Can not wait to go to school. (I think its because it will get her away from Alex and she will be able to you know... DO stuff!)

    Anne Updates:
    1.) She keeps growing!!
    2.) Loves to eat her rice cereal, is no longer sure of her apple banana oatmeal, likes her homemade carrot puree, hated store bought banana and peach baby food. She also enjoys mashed potatoes, Greek Yogurt mixed with a bit of lemon, mint and cucumber (she kept trying to eat my cucumber salad and I let her try the sauce) (also these last couple are not spoon fed they are sampled from finger tips)
    3.) She now gives baby kisses (you know wide open mouth some licking and sucking and a bunch of slobber involved.) Her favorite places to kiss are the cheek and eyebrow.
    4.) She has started to blow raspberries and spit bubbles.
    5.) Can roll front to back, back to front, right and left. AND can do it continuously.
    6.) She now has a Quasi-Walker that she loves! (quasi due to the fact that it has one fixed leg so she can only go in a wide circle and not all over the place.)
    7.) She can either push up her upper body OR get her knees under her, but not both at the same time.
    8.) She is not quite Army crawling but is kinda getting into a Superman or Airplane position with her arms and pushing with her toes.
    9.) Has a smile and laugh to melt your heart. And loves to scream!
    posted by Tc @ 7:30 PM   0 comments

    posted by Tc @ 8:33 PM   2 comments

    So how has everyone been?

    posted by Tc @ 6:27 PM   2 comments
    Happy Birthday Lizzy!!!
    posted by Tc @ 6:49 PM   0 comments
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