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    Perez is reporting that ABC is looking to replace the Jerk who plays Dr. Burke. While on one hand I'm all yes yes yes lets go for it he's an ass, the part of me that lives and breaths this show goes.... NO DON'T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM!!! HIS THINLY VEILED ASSHOLE-ISH-NESS IS JUST WHAT THE CHARACTER NEEEEEEEDS!!! So I'm torn.

    Also right now. Don't talk to me about Lost, The Nine or Grey's. The damned DVR upstairs has not recorded and or simultaneously fucked up during the shows. So I am a week behind on all of them. Thankfully Manda records Grey's on VHS so I can at least see that. But really my world is all helter skelter.

    I need Lost to make the world right again. *sniff, sniff* Excuse me a moment while I have a 1 person pity party in the corner.

    Moving on

    Gabby made her first topiary thing all by herself!!! We should have pictures this weekend! so they may be posted Monday :)

    I think that's about it for now.


    posted by Tc @ 11:55 AM   0 comments
    Oh so saddened
    I think I'll go cry now. WAHHHHHHHHHHH!! <- click to find out why.

    Oh my what ever are you going to do? 3 posts in 24 hrs, 2 in the last 20 min!!

    Please console me, tell me he's lying.

    *SOBS & WAILS*
    posted by Tc @ 4:30 PM   2 comments
    What Odd Things
    About your self do you keep secret?

    I'll start! Well I'll give you 3 things anyway.

    1.) Reggae music pisses me off. I mean literally. I hear it and I want to kill someone. It really really really just makes me mad. I don't know why either, maybe I was killed while listening to that crap in a former life. hmmm.... remind me to google unsolved Reggae murders.....

    2.) You know how after you burn, you peel. Well I love being peeled. A lot.

    3.) I am a low grade closet Hypochondriac. Yep I go in my closet and pretend to be sick. :)

    Please hit the comments and share yours. Or if you choose to post it let me know!

    P.S. Manda you can take a nap if you want. I won't tell your Boss Man.

    Ohhhhh I googled it!!

    Then, there was only silence. Silence but for the persistent sounds of reggae and Honduran calypso still playing in the background, a faint reminder of the brutality of life and the indiscriminate cruelty of death. In less time than it takes to read this chapter, eighty-seven people, along with their dreams, their hopes and a lost future that would never happen, lay dead on the floor under a sign that read Happy Land.

    Too bad that was in the 90's it totaly blows my theory. The above passage is also a link to CrimeLibrary.com with the rest of the story.
    posted by Tc @ 4:03 PM   3 comments
    Your are invited
    Here are a couple of samples of the invitations that are being handed out for our Thanksgiving Dinner.

    Everyone is welcome even if you don't get a hard copy!

    Click for larger readable versions

    See you there!
    posted by Tc @ 7:09 PM   0 comments
    And what did you do this weekend?
    Not much Saturday? Me either, but Sunday, whoa Nellie. Hold onto your... What ever you hold onto.
    Mom and I were crafty little critters.
    We made 3 cornucopia, 2 Thanksgiving Wreaths, 2 Floral Topiaries. We had fun. I burned my finger pretty good with the hot glue gun, but in the end we ended up with these lovely things! (Manda has graciously offered to take better pics so when that happens I'll let you know.)
    inprogress2 momsotherlit
    mycornicopia2 mycornicopia
    cornicopias mybasket2
    wreath2 wreath
    topiary2 topiary3
    These pictures do them no justice. We are going to be making some to sell, so I'll let you know when that happens. We made all of that in about 4 hours yesterday, so not bad at all.
    posted by Tc @ 4:22 PM   2 comments
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