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    About the painted toes

    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    Apparently Blogger wouldn't let April comment so she e-mailed.

    "Ok so I saw your post on your site and I tried to comment but for some reason it wouldn’t let me so make a comment for me please.

    The nail polish on the toes crack me up! And what’s even funnier is that John told the people at daycare that he did it and now we’re all in cahoots trying to make them believe it. And even though I know she can’t tell me I know she had sooo much fun while over there cause she was one tired baby that evening. Thanks bunches again and again and again. Hugs and Kisses to all of you – including Gus"

    I'm glad you don't mind! She is wondefull and we'd be happy to watch her again!

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    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    Happy Valentines Day!!

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    Weekend Recap Part 2 AKA Gabby and the Castle Mailbox
    I had one of those rare moments when I got creative AND motivated at the same time. Alex was making room in Gabby's closet and cleaned out two medium/large boxes and me being me looked at it and said "Don't throw those away I want to make Gabby a Castle." His response was one of those along the lines of what ever that will happen when pigs fly in a frozen hell. But I did!!

    Sunday Morning I told Gabby what I wanted to make for her and she didn't quite get it. But the more I cut and started gluing the more excited she got. (which that is an awesome feeling!) She got to tell me where the door was to go and where the window needed to be and what kind of window (one big hole or four little squares). And her only real demand is that there needed to be a flag.

    I wish there was video of her during the creative spurt, so you can see the wonderful mixture of little girl (giggling hysterically when I cut a circle in the door for a door knob) and the decisive big girl giving her opinion and suggestions ("I don't want to paint it. I just want it brown. I like the brown."). Like telling me she didn't want star shaped stars cut in the roof, "just little circles".

    I enjoyed the time we spent building her castle, I loved watching her help me glue the squares to the roof and place her flag.

    But I think I'm just babbling, So here are some pictures!

    Under constructionBeing Built
    The CastleThe Castle
    Castle Window and Mail Box
    She said it needed a mailbox
    The Castle
    So now we are all just about caught up!

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    posted by Tc @ 8:43 AM   3 comments
    Weekend Recap Part 1

    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    Ok I'm going to try not to brag toooooooo much!!

    Friday night April called and asked if I wanted to babysit (DUH!!!) because John's sister ended up bailing at the last min.

    So I got to watch Lizzy on Saturday!!!

    And seriously this much cuteness should be illegal!! She is such a no fuss happy baby!


    And like any good "Aunt" I corrupt them young. Yes, I painted her little piggies!

    Yep, toes painted

    And Gabby LOOOOOOVES her, now she really wants a baby sister (thank goodness it's no longer a big sister she wants cause GOD(!) how would I do that?)

    Gabby andLizzy

    Much more cuteness to be found HERE and video HERE

    And Tomorrow I will re-cap Sunday aka Gabby and the Castle Mailbox

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    posted by Tc @ 9:56 AM   2 comments
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