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    Ranting and Raveing!!
    So I ordered Alex's Christmas gift from Ebay. I had a wonderful seller. Fast shipping and everything. I went to track my package yesterday and SURPRISE!! It said it was delivered 12/04/06 at 11:08am. Ummm. No it sure as hell wasn't.

    And the post lady is no help, (hey dumb ass you are in an office take off your motherfucking sunglasses and look me in the eye!!!) "Oh yeah I remember delivering something here.... but you know I've delivered a lot since Monday I don't remember very clearly."

    I'm trying not to rant an rave too much. But right now I really really hate USPS. WHERE THE FUCK IS MY PACKAGE????!?!?!!?

    If this wasn't a Christmas gift that I am excited about I may say oh well and cut my losses but that is sooooooooo not the case. This is possibly the best thing I could ever ever ever get him and it's not here. God only knows where it was delivered to.


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    posted by Tc @ 5:11 PM   1 comments
    Weekend Recap
    How was your weekend? Mine was quite busy!

    We got up early to go participate in the Richardson Christmas Parade!

    side of floatrelay for life
    You can see more pictures HERE!

    Then we went shopping and I did something kinda drastic.

    Darn I can't find any before pics. But here!

    It was supposed to be a slightly longer swing bob. But not bad for a Wal-Mart hair cut!
    And Sunday was Fonzie's 4th Birthday, and the start of the kid's birthday's. (for those new to the program Fonzie is Gabby's Cousin and was born in December, then I gave birth in January, and then Gabby's Uncle Marco was born in February. They are all turning 4)
    Sorry about the quality of the pictures it was taken with my camera phone.
    Fonzy BDaythe boys2
    the boysdive right in
    The kids are all getting so big so quickly! (and no your eyes are ok. We straightened her hair yesterday (and it's curly again today))
    Hello Book Swap Pal!

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    posted by Tc @ 10:24 AM   2 comments
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