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    It's a BABY
    The baby is 11 weeks and 6 days old today.  And yes I believe I may be kicked out of my family for this but that gives us a due date of March 28 2009.
    S/he is moving all over the place! < Tears of joy > < /tears of joy >
    Gabby was so cute at the appointment. I wish you guys could have seen her face when she was seeing the baby on the TV OMG and when we heard the heart beat.
    I did ask if it was to early to check for the gender, she said we could check but not to expect to much. After much searching and squinting at darkness there was a flash. OMG I didn't see that I think to my self as she backs the frames up.
    "Well it's a little early to be sure but you see that there, it could be a boy but don't hold me to it."
    I am desperately hoping it was a foot. Or a trick of light...sound...whatever.
    So we still are not 100% of the gender. Give it 6 weeks or so and we'll know.
    I honestly won't mind having a boy. I'm just terrified. What the heck do you do with a boy? They are like from a different planet or something. What with the the bugs and gross stuff and OMG the potty training! And no hair bows.
    But.... the cute clothes, the faux hawks, and awwww it's a baby and all mine, mine MINE!
    So not so much stress now, or at least of a different kind all together untill I'm about 20 weeks along.

    posted by Tc @ 12:06 PM   2 comments
    *Deep Breath*
    I *believe* April and I have some thing in common today, I *think* we both have baby Dr. appointments.
    So April I want updates!!
    Today I have my much much much looked forward to sonogram. Not the one where I will be able to tell the gender but the one where we more or less pinpoint a due date.
    And I? Am a bundle of stress and nerves. I will be the first one to tell you that Mommy Brain did it's job in making me forget much of that pregnancy. But I don't remember being this paranoid last time. I mean up in my head I'm sure I'm being paranoid and I keep telling myself that but it isn't helping.
    I'm full of:
    OMG Please don't tell me that I am Weeks less pregnant than I think I am.
    Please don't let me be to much further along than I think.
    What if THE WORST has happened? - This one is fueled by the fact that the Doppler thing did not pick up a heart beat and we were told it may not but still. Me=Paranoid
    What if I'm not really pregnant and some thing is just wrong? - Now on this one I"m sure the DR would have called to tell me this by now but still I can't shake that one.
    I'm worried because so far this pregnancy has been a breeze compared to Gabby's. I mean what with only Hailing the Porcelain Gods three maybe four times total and only due to allergy issues.
    So seriously I keep telling my self to take a deep breath and be positive. And keep repeating my fertility prayer "Please Please let this be a girl. The thought of a boy terrifies me, they are sooooooooo weird. But if it is a boy it will still get all the love it can stand."
    So paranoid me is desperately awaiting 4:30 to come. When most if not all of these fears will be put to rest.

    Love ya,


    posted by Tc @ 12:17 PM   2 comments
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