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    Originally uploaded by EdgewaterJunkie.
    Happy Place
    O Happy Place
    Where for art thou?

    Ahhhhh.... yessssssss..... there you are! Take me away from this place and bring me back monday!
    posted by Tc @ 5:08 PM   0 comments
    Knitting Frenzy
    Ya'll, Manda got to me.

    I have needles. I have a stash. I've got 3 projects on needles right now. And really I can't wait for Monday since its all by myself day and I can just knit knit knit.

    "Three you say? Do tell what are you working on?"
    Well if you insist.

    1.) A super cute heart pillow for Gabby that is 50% done. This pattern has taught me how to knit front back front.

    2.) Alex's Metro Sexual Scarf. I'm learning YO (yarn over) and K2Tog (knit 2 together)

    3.) I'm super proud of this one since I'm doing it on my own and had to decipher the pattern on my own. It's called the Roxane Scarf and I found the pattern at Knitters Anonymous. The cool part is that the pattern is from 1912 so the verbiage is different. I'm not following the pattern exactly, I'm only making 1/2 as wide as it calls for. But it is being knitted in a dark bright purple (I know but I don't know how else to describe it.) acrylic yarn of a worsted weight on size 8 bamboo needles. And I think I will get black ribbon. Once I see how this half sized one looks I'm going to invest in thicker softer yarn and make the scarf full sized for myself maybe in a creamy color. Oh yeah what I've learned from this pattern. Frogging sucks but sometimes it's for the best. Slip stitch, pulling one stitch over others.

    I'm going to have to get pictures taken of the projects (hint hint Manda) and get them up here.

    And I'm so super excited. I just got a patterned e-mailed to me. I'm going to be knitting a Bolero type shrug thing from 1958. Here go look, its Free Pattern #3 second one down on the left. I'm thinking of getting the 1st one (the shirt) or the 6th one (the Snood). I can't wait to knit this bolero up! Did you know there were so many cute knitting patterns from like the 30's-60's? Me either. I'm gonna go broke buying them too, I can just tell. (don't' worry for now I'm after the free ones)

    Someone tell me how it is that people can charge $40 for yarn and how some people can spend that or more on one skein with out blinking? Special when most patterns call for many skiens.
    posted by Tc @ 3:26 PM   2 comments
    Adventures of Bam Bam the Super Dog
    Yeah I got a super dog. Here's why I think he's a Super Hero in hiding.

    1. He can fly.
    a. thats the only way I can rationalize him jumping from a 2nd story window, landing in a huge prickly bush and having no injuries.
    2. He is the doggy version of the Hulk
    a. He has destroyed his first kennel. I mean the thing was in shreads.
    b. He has destroyed the bottom of his new kennel.
    c. He has destroyed almost all his toys.
    d. He has destroyed 2 sets of blinds
    e. He has destroyed his HUGE THICK leather colar and his harness and his first leash.
    3. He thinks he's a cat

    And the realy big reason I think he's a Super Hero in hiding.... He does all this when no one is around.

    But he's a cute little bugger.
    posted by Tc @ 12:14 PM   0 comments
    Just a bit of Gabby
    Amalah just had her very handsome baby boy Noah over the last weekend. And you better believe that through her I'm on a trip down memory lane. Seriously I'm sitting here remembering all the highs and lows of when she was first born.

    How not long after we brought her home waking her up to feed didn't happen cause that kid has lungs and will let me know when she needs to eat.
    How heartbreaking it was to have to feed her formula cause we were having latching problems.
    The look on her face that said "Really?! I won the boobie lotto? I can breastfeed again?!" and how carefully she latched on the first time we tried again.
    The lack of sleep.
    The way she felt sleeping in my arms or on my tummy.
    Her new baby smell.
    The new baby diaper smell.
    The gummy smiles.
    The first coo's and giggles.

    And now I have a new child. One who sometimes is that super sweet just ready to giggle little girl. Then there is that other child. The one who is starting to try to talk back. The one who doesn't listen. The one who is getting very well acquainted with time out. But happily My Child is the one that I see most often. The one who has Love you wars, gives random hugs and kisses.

    *sigh* I just love my baby! Can I go home and be with her?
    posted by Tc @ 11:28 AM   0 comments
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