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    I'm so proud that I could cry
    My sister My sister the Chia Pet. Wait untill I get the CD out that has the pic of my sister the Hottie! Same sister, diferent look. I love you kid! You are very talented to have managed this pic.
    posted by Tc @ 4:49 PM   0 comments
    OMG!! I SO CAN'T BELIEVE I HAVEN'T POSTED ABOUT THIS YET! ARE YOU READY? ROB THOMAS OF MATCHBOX TWENTY IS PUTTING OUT A SOLO ALBUM!! AND IT COMES OUT TUESDAY APRIL 19TH!! NEEDLESS TO SAY WE WILL BE CELEBRATING MY BIRTHDAY THE WEEKEND AFTER, so as to give people time to find the few hot items on my b-day list. To be posted later *hint his CD and Gael thats all I'm saying*. Well thats about it for now!
    posted by Tc @ 12:33 PM   1 comments
    Ummm Yeah...
    Tree's are in and look nice. My shoulders are a very angry red and hurt (I think I'm starting to blister) (ewwwww). I have given up on the banana book (honestly couldn't get into it) for Stephen King's Green Mile. I have decided that I am going to finish Alex's scarf and then take a break from knitting until I can find time to do it. Manda you will be getting my yarn and needles. Sorry there isn't much. But on the plus side I have picked up an old love, Cross Stitching. And have embarked on the Journey that will be Jess's present. And yes it will be a journey this thing is pretty big. Thank goodness I have until August.

    I'm sad to say that I still haven't found the perfect gift for April and her b-day is only 3 days away. And we also still need to plan her b-day dinner!

    Oh I almost forgot!! Robots was very cute! I think it's safe to say Robin Williams steals the show! You need to see it for the "Britney" moment alone!! I freaking snort laughed!!!!! But beware of the pre-views! They showed one for the new version of Willy Wonka with Johnny Depp. I want to scream and cry everytime I see it!! *Dear God, Please make it not real* K, I'm kinda odd, the original yeah that kinda scares me too, but this one I could have nightmares!! Johnny with the chicklet teeth. The scary tunnel that I am SO SURE THEY HAVE NOT GOTTEN RID OFF!! <---- sorry panic moment. The freaky rhyming thing they got going on and that creepy song *shiver* save me.

    I leave you with these creepy things (tell me I'm wrong!!)

    creepy2 creepy

    Love you till then!
    posted by Tc @ 3:46 PM   0 comments
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