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    So Much to Catch up on
    First Happy Birthday Grandma!


    I am beyond excited about the fact that we are going to be extending our little family. :) Gabby is taking it all in stride. Her first response was that we needed to get a bigger place. You should have seen the look on her face when we explained they would be sharing a room. It was priceless. She has also informed me that she will help with the baby "Just not with the diapers".

    Believe it or not Alex is also pretty happy and excited. I know he is and you would believe me if you could have seen the goofy smile on his face when he figured out what I was hinting at, and before the stress of what it means hit him.

    So far the biggest difference between this child and Gabby is that this one doesn't seem determined to kill me. I have had some close calls but not actual (as of yet) puking morning (all day) sickness. So far I have just gotten really nauseous.

    I have my first appointment Sept. 3rd, when I should be able to pin down the age of the baby and when it is due. But going off the calculators that a great many mommy websites offer we are looking at about a late March baby. And I think my family has dis-owned me for it (too many March birthdays already).

    I know everyone seems to be rooting for a boy and it is way to early to tell but my gut (hahahahaha) feeling is that it will be a girl.

    But just for giggles I want to put the list I have made of possible names for girls and boys out. Feel free to laugh and make fun it's all part of the fun of this. Also understand that this is just the first list it most likely will be changed quite a few times, and ultimately when it gets down to it I will most likely keep the final name to myself until the baby is born again. (you know just in case the one I like the most doesn't seem to fit the child. Gabby had a short list of 3 names and when I saw her I knew it was Gabrielle)

    Girls Names

    Annbalynn - Annbalynn Antoinette Davila
    Anne means Grace
    Lynn means Pretty
    Antoinette means Beyond Price

    Anwen - Anwen Marie Davila
    Anwen means Very Fair
    Marie means Bitter

    Astrid - Astrid ~ Davila
    Astrid means Beautiful like a God

    Ginger - Ginger ~ Davila
    Ginger means Ginger

    Gwendolyn - Gwendolyn ~ Davila
    Gwendolyn means Fair Bow

    Imogene - Imogene Rose Davila (thank you Dina for bringing the name Imogene to my attention I think it is beautiful!)
    Imogene means Image/Innocent
    Rose means Renown

    Moira - Moira ~ Davila
    Moira means Bitter

    Myrna - Myrna ~ Davila
    Myrna means Tender/Beloved

    Olivia - Olivia (Rae)(Skye) Davila
    Olivia means Olive Tree
    Rae means Ewe
    Skye means Island

    Ophelia - Ophelia ~ Davila
    Ophelia means help

    Rilla (Marilla?) - Rilla ~ Davila
    Rilla means Small Brook

    Scarlett - Scarlett ~ Davila
    Scarlett means Scarlet

    Boys Names

    Adaire- Adair ~ Davila
    Adaire means Oak Tree Ford

    Beauregard - Beauregard ~ Davila
    Beauregard means Beautiful Gaze or Easy on the eyes

    Dexter - Dexter ~ Davila
    Dexter means Right handed or Woman Dyer

    Denny - Denny ~ Davila
    Denny means Follower of Dionysius

    Everett - Everett ~ Davila
    Everett means Boar Hardness

    Nicholas - Nicholas Alexander Davila
    Nicholas means People of Victory
    Alexander means Defender of Men

    Rhett - Rhett ~ Davila
    Rhett means Fiery Zealous

    Roland - Roland Dean Davila
    Roland means Renowned Land
    Dean means Valley

    Stephen - Stephen ~ Davila
    Stephen means Crowned

    Vincent - Vincent ~ Davila
    Vincent means Conquering

    I think that is about all I've got right now. I hope all is doing well and for those coming over to see Dina next weekend I look forward to seeing you!!
    posted by Tc @ 10:54 AM   5 comments
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