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    Hey how'd you get me in this fat suit?
    And where the hell is the zipper?

    Seriously this isn't funny guys. Let me out.

    Don't you know I'm as tall as Dina (you know just about 6ft) and as small as my sister (oh on fat day she may be a size 6).

    Blah, seriously in my mind that's how I see myself. Not the 5'4 (censored)lb lady that I am.

    And damned, I'm a follower. (sometimes)

    Baaaa Baaaaa

    Stacy's doing it. Manda and Joe are doing it. Alex thinks he's doing it.

    Baaaa Baaaaa

    So I'm trying.

    I went to the Dr. I have an inhaler now. Don't you laugh at me I thought I was done with this asthma crap too. I mean shoot, I had a flare up for the first time in like 20 years last year. And after talking to the Dr. he recommend that I take two puffs before working out and two if I get wheezy. Blah. That just adds insult in injury. But do you want to rub salt in it too? You Do?! Well then, for the first time ever my always low/perfect blood pressure is now "a little high". Egads, how did I escape 24 years and a child with good blood pressure, only to have it now? I blame Alex. He is just a stress making machine.

    So when I have the money, I go and get the inhaler. And shoes. And something to wear while I attempt the work out thing.

    Stacy do you have any hand me downs that may fit? I'll e-mail you what size pants I wear now if you can.

    So Manda sent me a link to
    SparkPeople.com, (if you go tell them tc1893 sent you) I can track what I'm doing and they appear to give me meal and work out ideas and they start you slooooooow. And that's nice. I had to pick 3 short term goals. One of the short term goals that I have to do is write in a journal, and this is kinda my journal, so check one off. I also chose to drink 8fl glasses of water a day, check that off. And go for a walk a day. I hope to do that tonight.

    So wish me luck. I'm not as creative as Stacy with her family version of the biggest loser.
    I don't have the wonderful motivation of Manda with her Wedding.
    I just have me wanting to find the effing zipper.

    *confession really I picture something a bit more a long the lines of Marilyn Monroe's figure in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds so that is my goal. I love that orange dress....

    baaaaa baaaa
    posted by Tc @ 3:53 PM   2 comments
    Quick get Wes Craven on the phone.....
    I think I have an idea for a scary movie. Based off a true life story, trust me Mom's of toddlers every were will be scared out of their minds.

    The set up.

    Mother of a 3 year old desperately seeks sanctuary in the bathroom with out telling her child where she is going. She locks the door behind her and picks up that book she's been meaning to start reading and settles in to take care of business.

    Movie affects.

    Bathroom is one of the upper middle/lower upper class kind, the ones that are the size of most peoples bedrooms, garden tub, hot tub both with faucets in the shape of swans, a stand up shower, gold toilet, ton's of lit candles oils and other froo froo nonsense.


    Mother: Just sits down and lets out a sigh of relaxation after a busy day.

    Cut to Door:
    A light tapping comes on the bathroom door.

    Cut to Mom:
    Looks up sharply with a hint of fear. Decides that if she's quiet maybe the knocker will go away.

    The light tapping becomes a soft knock.

    Cut to Mom:
    Mother: Is clearly agitated, is hugging the book to her chest while holding her breath

    Stay on Mom:
    The knocking becomes more persistent

    Voice on the other side of the door: Mom? Where are ewe?

    Starts shaking her head no, and whispering a prayer of some sort under her breath. Obviously freighting, eyeing escape routes and places to hide.

    Cut to Door:
    Voice: Locked door knob is being twisted relentlessly, voice gets slightly deeper. Mom? Mommy, MOOOOOM ooooopen the door?!

    Cut to Mom:
    Mother: Sob escapes her Go... Go away, I'm busy

    Cut to Door:
    eerie light glowing all around the door frame, door starts to shake like a 500lb man is rushing it.
    Voice: now sounds kinda like Satan. OPEN THE DOOR MOMMY!

    Cut to Mom:
    Hollywood miracle Mom is finished and walking toward the door slowly.
    Mom swallows roughly and rips open the door to confront the demon.

    Sweet Angelic looking Child: Going Potty? Wanna Play wif me Mommy?

    Black Screen

    So what do you think? The next blockbuster or what? Maybe in the sequal Mom could be taking a bath/shower....

    I think Gabby could play the child, and ohhh Brad Pitt could play the part of the super sexy not much in the way of helpful dad, and Kate Winslet as the mom?

    winslet + brad pitt =


    Cute isn't it?

    Or if I can defy time lines and do as I wish, how about this combo?

    A5DD08 brad pittgabby2test

    Did I mention that we are potty training? She is doing amazingly well too!!
    posted by Tc @ 4:07 PM   1 comments
    In which I forgot that I was watching a movie....
    Yep totally kinda forgot, but I wasn't alone.

    See there is this movie called Crash. This AMAZING movie. Since I do not wish to ruin the movie and tell what happens I'm going to be as vague as possible. (go google or netflix it for the plot)

    Alex and I watched it last night. First it offends you, then it pisses you off, makes you hate certain people, makes you feel pain, makes you cry.

    But the worst. The part where I forgot myself. You realize how important certain things are to you. How horrid a language barrier is how mistakes can be made. How dear life is.

    We literally were WAILING and SOBBING and kinda SCREAMING, and god I'm surprised we didn't wake up Gabby.

    Seriously see the freaking movie.

    It is very controversial and maybe that is why it did not get as out there as it should have.

    When Gabby is MUCH older, I want her to see this movie. I think it will still be very relevant.

    Oh and I now respect Matt Dillon as an actor, I have never really cared for his work before, but DAMNED.
    posted by Tc @ 3:54 PM   2 comments
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