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    My Saturday
    Or "Why I didn't make it to Kenzie's 1st Birthday" Or "Why Trashy People Suck Major _____ "

    So Saturday started off pretty normal. We had a Game Plan.

    1.) Go to Mom's old house finish clearing what is left to move organize for Garage sale
    2.) Go to Kenzie's Party
    3.) Go to Angel's party - Canceled that it was re-scheduled for Sunday

    See not a HUGE list

    So we got an early start and drove on out her old house. And on the Way Gabby learned a new song. bennyjets And it's now her favorite. B-b-b-b Benny and the Jets.
    So we get out to the house and at first glance things look just fine. Then we start to notice things. Like this crimetv Hey, what's the TV doing outside? Shit look at thisdoorstop This would be the side door, that when we left 2 weeks ago did not have a brick and was shut and locked. So we all traipse back up front and unlock and go in the front door. Wow hey what's this milk crate doing up here with stuff in it? We go into Mom's old room, and shit. crimescean Sure as hell wasn't like this when we left. And now it gets bad. For what ever reason I felt the need to go look at her bathroom. Why hello what is this? crimebathroom2 That's a garden tub with out any plumbing. While I'm looking at this mom's in her now very very empty closet staring at this nocopper they destroyed the breaker box. They took all the copper. There is no longer any power. OMG we call the cops. And wait till they show up. In the mean time we notice they stole Jess's fucking prom dress. And they left us some nice evidence. crimecan I bet there's saliva and finger prints. And ohhownice that shiny thing is a beer can, we don't drink beer and I believe I mentioned we haven't been here in 2 weeks. Awful nice of them to throw out some trash for us wasn't it. Oh and the garage tornado ransacked. And Mom's shed? crimeshed trashed and her saws (circular and some other power kind) stolen as well as goodness knows what kind of tools.
    So Dept. Dewey (I shit you not) shows up and says it's pointless to take a report right now since we don't' have a list of what is missing. Doesn't fingerprint, doesn't take the can, doesn't do shit. Shows us that they also stole the meter right off the house!! And tells us they will be back, they still need to get the copper from the AC. And when they do that they will destroy the wall as well. So Dept. Useless leaves and we proceed as planned only now we are cleaning as well. Before we leave I put a door and a armoire in front of our AC unit inside and tape a nice little note to it that says:

    "Welcome to Candid Camera Fuckers! Go rob someone else." I was a bit mad. We are going back out this weekend with Mom's truck. We have some boxes and other things we need to remove, and to see if the asshats have been back.

    But the dogs are starting to get along. dogs For the lighter side of my weekend go to Sew Happy.
    posted by Tc @ 3:01 PM   3 comments
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