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    Migraine Haven
    Did I mention that I am now suffering from migraines? Like one or more a week?
    I have one right now.
    Meds need to work faster.
    Migraines SUCK.
    The end.
    Oh! I have to upload the cutest picture of sleeping Gabby. I went to check on her last night and she was at the wrong end of the bed curled up with her HUGE horse. Her poor neck!

    posted by Tc @ 3:13 PM   0 comments
    All over the place
    Because all I really have to talk about is TV, books, Gabby or the pregnancy I'm kinda bored of me.
    PREGNANCY - Hi I'm finally in my second trimester!
    Same Ol Same Ol
    * Tired. Sooooooooooooooooo tired. Just. Want. ONE. Good. Nights. Sleep.
    * Moody. Oh, yeah I kinda remember this pregnancy symptom. GRRRRRRRRR
    * Blech. Food Sucks. Who wants food.
    * OMFG! Why does the world smell sooooooooooo bad?!?!?! Due to this one Alex is not allowed to wear perfume/cologne (whatever) around me. "*GACK* what did you do bath in the bottle?! *GACK* Need air nooooooowwwww!" Hmmm.... going back two did I say moody? Maybe sarcastic pissy is a better description.
    * Seriously am I done yet?
    New This Time
    * Are you sure I can't die from heartburn?
    * Migraines. Oh yes those are sooooo much fun when pregnant.
    * Allergies/Colds/Flu
    * I've taken to asking Alex to sell me for parts on my bad mornings.
    * Extreme Temperature Aversions. 80 is too hot, and some times too cold.
    * Feeling overheated/sick to tummy after a luke warm shower. Seriously kid you need to get over it. I miss my hot showers. Mommy doesn't appreciate being both hot and cold at the same time.
    ~Cool baby related thing that happened this weekend.
    Gabby loves getting to look at the pictures of how the baby looks now. Saturday we got out a ruler and I showed her that the baby is between 3 and 4 inches long and then I had her give me her hand and she thought it was pretty cool that right now her hand is bigger than the baby.
    Movies -
    Space Chimps. Thank god we didn't pay full price for this movie. Thank god it was at the dollar theater. Thank god I'm pregnant so no one pays any mind if I get up during the movie and hide for awhile. I always thought the previews looked HORRID. But Gabby and Alex wanted to see it. So fine. OMG I will never ever get that time back. That has to be the worst kids movie I have ever seen!
    Igor - we had free passes to Studio Movie Grill. But I would have paid to see this movie! It was a super cute pseudo scary movie for kids! Pseudo Scary and full of you know morals and stuff. Much better than the stupid monkey movie.
    Books -
    I love the library! I wish they had more books! *love fest*
    I wish it was November. So so so many new books that I want to read come out that month!
    TV/Radio -
    I have never seen that Chuck show. And after this morning I never ever want to. I was not happy to find out my station changed to Chuck Radio today to promote the premier. I tune in to listen to my idiots. The ones that make me laugh and talk back to the radio. Not the idiots from Chuck.
    The end.
    How was every ones weekend?

    posted by Tc @ 9:55 AM   3 comments
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