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    Science Toys
    I don't know about you but when I was younger I always had a special liking for the science kits.
    I think that Gabby may have the same interests as well.

    Especially for a child who asks what parts of her body does, and why they do it. Sciencekits.com offers a wide variety of educational toys including an Anatomy Kit which how great would that be? I get to show her what her ribs are and how they protect her lungs (which that was a conversation we had this morning while she was getting dressed) This particular kit comes in male and female for just $19.95 (plus tax and shipping)

    They also have a Space Theater Planetarium that lets you see the whole sky or four close up seasonal views. I think this would be an excellent way to start teaching the constellations early on. You can also select certain times and dates to see what the stars will look like. This one is just $36.95 (excluding discount for ordering online (and taxes and shipping)).

    Am I the only one who kinda geeks out over the fact that you can grow your own crystals? With Crystal Caves you can choose from Citrine Cave, Aquamarine Cave and Rose Quartz Cave (that would be my first choice!) for $13.95 (excluding discount for ordering online and shipping and taxes).

    They also offer chemistry sets, Science Project Kits, Electronic and Electricity, Robots and more!

    Sciencekits.com is reputable and has been in business for 12 years and counting!

    This post brought to you by Sciencekits.com


    posted by Tc @ 3:32 PM   0 comments
    I'm sorry
    My sypathies to Victor and his family.

    I'm very sorry to hear that your father passed away.

    posted by Tc @ 3:30 PM   1 comments
    Unique Bids
    Ok I think this has to be the funnest thing ever!!

    We all know about e-bay right? Highest bidder wins.

    Well at bid4prizes the lowest UNIQUE bidder wins the goods!

    They have things like the Apple iPhone (want!!) 50" Samsung Plasma TV and a Scion XB.

    I want that Apple iPhone I think it's pretty nifty looking! (Seriously watching tv on my phone = great!)

    The lowest bid on that phone right now is between 347 and 367 cents. CENTS not dollars. You could win a $979 phone for 347 cents.

    And that Scion, is currently between .01 and 21 cents.

    Here's the thing. It's not the lowest bidder. It's the lowest unique bidder. If you are the only bidder to bid 12 cents and every amount less than that has 2 or more bids you win. Because your bid was unique! So it's bidding and playing a game!

    And once you win all you pay is shipping and any taxes the IRS may want on the item!

    So sponsored post or no, seriously you need to check this out. I think I am going to go bid on the phone now!


    posted by Tc @ 11:34 AM   0 comments
    Signs of cracking
    I feel like one of those warped splintering wooden somethings that you say hmmm... I bet a fresh coat of paint will fix all the problems. And it does, for like a day.

    So tell me. Am I showing signs of falling apart?

    I feel like I am.

    And like most people (women) appearances are important.

    If I appear ok, maybe I can make it so.

    posted by Tc @ 10:38 AM   1 comments
    We have all heard of Vonage by now right?

    The comercials the ads they are all over the place. And it's a good thing too!

    Did you know that "With Vonage Text, customers can easily read, store, search, and respond to their voicemail messages on their phone, laptop or mobile device -- whenever, wherever and however they choose. This allows users to scan new messages to see which are urgent, and prioritize their responses. Customers can also search for specific information within e-mail messages."

    How cool is that?

    Or that "Vonage said that more than one million of its subscriber lines now have Enhanced 911 (E911) service -- a feature that automatically associates a physical address with the calling party's telephone number.

    In June, the FCC gave Vonage, and all Internet-based phone service companies, 120 days to create an E911 system, and provide all of its customers, wherever they are in the U.S., with E911 service. In that amount of time, Vonage worked with local 911 centers, also known as Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), across the country to turn on E911 for as many customers as it could. Currently, Vonage says it continues to test and turn up new PSAPs which are VoIP-ready every day and will continue to do so until Vonage customers have access to E911."

    So go check them out! If I wasn't already locked into a contract I would likely switch!

    This post brought to you by Vonage


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    I humbly and graciously accept this
    Award for The Stupidest Woman Ever!

    One lost item found, 3 to go.

    I spy
    Awww shit what's that?!

    And just for funs

    Which Marilyn Monroe Are You?

    Congradulations! You are Marilyn Monroe's Sexy Side!"That's the trouble, a sex symbol becomes a thing. But if I'm going to be a symbol of something, I'd rather have it sex than some other things we've got symbols of."You are smart and sassy and you know what you want in life. You are proud of who you are despite what anyone else says. The downside is that like in the case of Marilyn Monroe, you may be overlooked by others - or seen only for your beauty. These effects don't last long with a strong woman though ^.~
    Take this quiz!


    Make A Quiz More Quizzes Grab Code

    posted by Tc @ 7:26 PM   0 comments
    uhhh.... hi
    Has anyone seen my purse since I got home yesterday? It was sitting on the island I swear it was. I'm 99.125% positive I saw it last night even.

    What about Gabby's allergy nose spray? I swear that was in the kitchen as well!

    Or my brain and attention span, anyone seen those?

    Remind me to check in my pantry when I get home for the first two items. I may have shoved them in there last night during the bad storm (you know, when there are tornado's go to the interior most room of the house with no windows, well that's our pantry. And I stocked it last night, so I guess anything is possible.)

    Speaking of the storms last night I need to get some pictures of after the night time wave hit.

    These are some of the pic's I took during the afternoon storm, and truthfully these are not what it was like at it's worst (when I panicked and ran upstairs to grab Guppy from her nap I couldn't even see out the windows. I thought for sure I would have to build an ark or something (or even worse the rain itself would break the windows) but this will give you an idea.

    Texas Spring Storm
    Texas Spring Storm

    Oh Dina how are things in your neck of the woods I heard you guys got snow and tornadoes!!
    posted by Tc @ 9:04 AM   1 comments
    Oh god did I do the right thing?

    Left a pair of shoes
    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    Some one hold me please.

    There are so many empty places now.

    I'm trying not to think. I'm trying to just keep busy. I don't want to clean anymore. I don't have that many things to fill the holes.


    Signs of that hollow feeling

    God help me am I doing the right thing?

    posted by Tc @ 7:15 PM   3 comments
    Weekend re-cap

    Manda's "Bridal Shower"
    Originally uploaded by
    One Perfect Something.

    Ohhhh... Look! Dina was in town!! And kept us all on our toes super busy!! (yeah I know most everyone who reads this was there this weekend but re-cap I will anyways!)

    Friday night was her get together, and don't listen to her, I so totally kicked her ass at pool!!

    Dina's Party

    Saturday afternoon we all met up for a girls only mock bridal shower and we all looked nice and hot! (Erik this is for you) And *squee* the tea room was oh so very cute, and the food was delish!!

    Manda's "Bridal Shower"

    Hey look it's Jenny!! Her work finally let her come out and play!!

    After the mock bridal shower we all went our separate ways to "take a nap or rest up" for later that evening!

    Thank you everyone who came to my birthday dinner and to the club afterword. I was very happy to see so many people at one place and to have everyone back together again, so much like old times.

    Currently my camera is with Manda so I hope to have pictures of the later part of Saturday up for you Monday night!

    Loves and kisses!

    posted by Tc @ 9:28 AM   1 comments
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