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    I'm on a ROLL!

    Birthday Dress

    I made this in a day! It was supposed to be a surprise for her birthday but Gabby caught me making it.
    posted by Tc @ 2:14 PM   0 comments
    Unexpected signs my child is growing
    I'm not talking about the obvious, like how half the time when I carry her I end up tripping over her long legs (they come to my knee's, MY KNEE'S when she is on my hip!) No I am talking about the random that makes me look at my child like I've never seen her before. I had one of those this morning.

    We were negotiating breakfast as usual;

    Me: Eggs?
    Gabby: Uhhh Sure. I like eggs today.
    Me: Scrambled?
    Gabby: Yep.
    Me: With Cheese?
    Gabby: Ooooh I like cheese.
    Me: Potatoes? Ham?
    Gabby: *looks at me like I'm a freak* Ewww Nuh-oh (yes she said no like it had two syllables, and she was well into the horrid teen stage.)
    Me: You know what I'm going to make you special eggs. *otherwise known as an omelet*
    Gabby: You know how many eggs I want?
    Me: This is not up for debate.
    Gabby: Four
    Me: Child.
    Gabby: Come on give me options! 2 4 5 10, I choose 4
    Me: *giving Gabby a strange look and laughing* This is still not up for debate. It will be a surprise.

    My child did not say give me some choices. No, she said give me options. Options! Where did she pick that up?

    And how is it my baby still calls pancakes pan-a-cakes but can correctly use the word option?
    (I secretly believe that the pan-a-cake thing is 100% for me and me alone. She was calling them pancakes for a bit but I mentioned that I missed the pan-a-cake thing and lo an behold it was back. I love my child.)
    posted by Tc @ 4:51 PM   1 comments
    Ok NOW I can tell you what I have been up to
    In under a month I managed to complete 13, yes 13 sewing projects. And it has been killing me that I couldn't share for fear that the people they were going to may see them too early, and thus ruin the surprise!

    13 made in under a month

    I have been a very busy girl! In order they are Mom's, Kathy's, Grandma's, Debbie's, Matt's, Gabby's, Alex's, Jessica's, Elsie's, Mari's, Angel's (I apparently didn't take a full shot of the finished stocking), Fonzie's and Marco's.

    *phew* Now I know it cut most of the stockings when I made these so you can go HERE and see the complete stockings.

    That's it for right now, I'll have other pictures up later. *HUGS* And a HUGE thank you from All of us!
    posted by Tc @ 10:01 AM   4 comments
    Merry Christmas
    Gabby Christmas

    I hope your Christmas is full off Oooooooh's and Ahhhhhhh's!

    posted by Tc @ 9:38 AM   0 comments
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