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    Today is a 3-fer

    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    Happy Saint Patricks Day

    Happy Birthday April

    And Happy Aniversery of our first real date Alex.

    Love you.

    (shit ya'll can you believe it's been 5 freaking years??)

    posted by Tc @ 3:52 PM   2 comments
    Landscaping, The Riches, The Guppy Monster Line
    So my shameless promotion of The Riches yesterday. Totaly worth it. I think I now have a new Monday show!!


    Much to my suprise I don't have any before pictures to show you of our landscaping. Please bear in mind this is only like phase 1 of a million.

    Landscaping kindaLandscaping kinda

    ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

    I made Gabby a reversable purse!! All by my self! No pattern! EEEEEK!!

    Purse 1

    Cindy side out PurseCindy on Gabby's bag
    and it does


    contrastclose up of the contrast

    Purse 2

    The other side of Gabby's PurseTinker contrast

    There are not as many pics of the Tink side due to a deadly combo of my iron melting the transfer and the bitch not wanting to let go of the transfer paper.
    So yes the purse is a Guppy Monster Orginal from Hollow Legs Designs ;)

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    posted by Tc @ 8:47 AM   1 comments
    Damn Baby your tall!! a.k.a. 3rd Post for the day

    We had her 4yr well child today.

    43 inches (3'6(ish)) - 99th percentile (shit kid!)
    45 lbs - 95th percentile

    The Dr. thinks she will end up about 5'8!

    5'8 can you imagine????!?!!?!

    I'm pushing for the 5'4 I claim and she is going to be almost 1/2 foot taller than me!!

    The crazy thing about her height is in 6 months she would have only been in the 75th percentile!

    Dr. said he was worried about her weight until he saw how tall she is. So just to watch and be careful. Sounds like we have more walks to the park to make and more bike riding to do!! Thank goodness the weather is getting nicer!

    I tell you what if she ends up with a figure like either her Aunt Jessica or her Tia Mari this kid will have it made!

    She also had her last 3 shots until she is 14!

    And the Dr. told her that she doesn't have bugs or worms in her brain. So hopefully that one will die.

    Oh hey are any of you good with the health and why and how the body works things? I've noticed Gabby is getting pretty interested in these kind of things. Asking a lot of question, I'm not 100% sure how to answer or explain. Like how would you explain blood flow to your kid? Why your veins look blue but your blood is red ( I know the real answer about oxygen she just wasn't grasping that one)? Or digestion with the absorption of vitamins and what ever else.

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    posted by Tc @ 3:56 PM   2 comments
    OH YEAH!!
    Thank goodness Hero's is on break, because I can't wait to see The Riches on FX!!

    Starts tonight at 9pm CST!!

    (Eddie Izzard is a biiiiiiiiiig crush of mine. Ohhhh and he just keeps getting better with age!!)


    For Wayne and Dahlia Malloy, the road is home. As a family of travelers, life is all about the money -- other people's money -- and steering clear of the law. They've raised their three children Cael, Didi and Sam in their old, beat up RV, teaching them the tricks of the scamming trade, and to always take pride in conning greedy buffers (the travelers term for ordinary, law abiding folk).

    But one blind curve in the road and a swerve of the RV later, and the Malloy family finds themselves faced with the possibility of becoming buffers. Doug and Cherien Rich are now dead, driven off the road by the swerving Malloy RV. Dahlia feels guilt over the tragic accident. Wayne sense a golden opportunity.

    Wayne and his family help themselves to Doug and Cherien's life. But this con is like no other the Malloys have ever pulled. To survive in the buffer world, they must convince suspecting neighbors, classmates, co-workers, cleaning ladies and car-rental clerks that they really are the Riches, that their children are fit for the top private schools, that Wayne not only has a law degree but is the best lawyer around, and the Dahlia not only understands, but also respects her Jewish heritage.

    But the most daunting task: they Malloys must convince themselves. their identity is turned upside down, and they must find the balance between gaining all the perks of bufferdom (the hot cars, the hot boyfriend, the TV) while losing the freedom of the road they've enjoyed their whole lives. Can they really pull this off? And if they can are they burning the Malloy name for now, or for good?

    With their hands tightly around the American Dream, complete with a two car garage and a garbage disposal, the Malloys begin to question who they really are, if they can ever go back home again, and what home even means. Somehow their cushy new mansion may not feel as much like a home as that old beat up RV.
    posted by Tc @ 10:20 AM   0 comments
    Weekend Recap Part 1
    So true Never a Dull Moment. How true.

    This is a 2 parter not because we did so much but because well I suck and didn't take all the needed pictures. And sheesh you should know by now I just don't do posts that consist of words. Nope not I. I need pictures!

    (Uhhh I just wanted to interrupt my self and tell you about the heart attack I just had. It's very blah and grey out side. (bear with me this is important to the story) Out side my window at work is a tree. This tree is currently in full bloom. Many many many white flowers. Just for a moment there, out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was snowing. A lot. But no. It is just flowers.)

    Any way.

    Did I tell you Alex got some blond put in his hair??


    Hmmm.... I see a bit of a resemblance don't you?

    Lets see Friday Gabby and I walked to the park and played for about an hour (this child has no problems making new friends!!) came home and that was pretty much the night.

    Saturday there was some running around, and much pulling up all the nasty ugly green bushes and crap from the front of the house and some planting of rose bushes. Later that night I was a bit crafty (pictures tomorrow).

    Sunday was a wash rinse repeat kinda day. (seriously it looks like snow out side!!) I will have to take pictures of the front of the house tonight (weather permitting). And the crap we are pulling up. Has roots that go to freaking China I swear!! After dealing with the front yard we washed Gypsy and filled the kiddy pool for Gabby and Gypsy to play in. After a bit of this there was some over napping had by all (Alex and Gabby didn't get up till 7!!)

    That is pretty much the bulk of the weekend. I leave you with a question and some pictures.

    What did you do this weekend??


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    posted by Tc @ 9:20 AM   2 comments
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