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    Dear writers for Lost,

    I hate you. Fix this.


    Dear writers for Lost,

    I still hate you. Make this go away. Bring them back. I've got 4 words for you: Dream sequence ala Dallas.

    There fix it.


    Dear writers for Lost,

    More half or mostly nekked Sawyer please, that was nice.


    Dear writers for Lost,

    Throw Hurly a bone, get him laid already? Why'd ya have to do that to the poor boy?


    Dear Good Morning America,

    You call that an exciting deleted scene. You need help, I was late for beach running and talking. Not even relevant if I may add.


    Dear Laura K. Hamilton,

    The idea of turning your books into movies has to be floating around in your mind, so I have a suggestion. Since Michelle Rodriguez doesn't seem to be working right now, she has my vote for playing Anita, I know her complexion is a little darker than described in the book, but I think she would work. :) So chop chop lets start filming.

    Promo Pics to show just how right she is for the job. michelle mr04

    Love you,

    P.S. Your welcome Michelle, I'd be glad to give you a reference any time.
    posted by Tc @ 9:00 AM   1 comments
    ABC or Where I just go on and on about TV
    I love ABC. I watch this cannel more than any others (ok so I don't have cable and this channel is the clearest so sue me). But really it's the programs that keep me coming back.

    I only have two shows that I refuse to miss at all and they are both on ABC.

    Lost and Boston Legal.

    Ya'll I'm not kidding. We are talking rabid dog about these shows. Such as, Alex you damned well better shut your mouth and save question for commercials. Ok but lets tell the truth. I'm a bit more Rabid about Lost. It really is only during this show am I likely to kick you or bite you if you are talking to me, or talking at all. *sigh* I need help. No not really I'm just fine. I can quit any time, I just don't want to.

    So tonight starts the 1st of 3 all BRAND SPANKING NEW EPISODES!! And were not talking like last weeks P.O.S. lets all get caught up crappy clip show. Dear ABC, I'm sorry if people don't know what's going on or they missed an episode, not my problem they can wait for the DVD or re-run. Don't waist my time.

    Speaking of DVD's when are you going to get off your ass and get me Season One of Boston Legal? I keep searching and I keep waiting but it's not there. ABC this makes me sad. I need my Denny and Alan fixes. (plus I just started watching this show during re-run time in the summer I need to get caught up, like what made Poole go crazy?) By the way after last nights episode I decided to add a side bar addition of Denny-isms. He's funny as heck!! Updated as I hear funny things from his mouth.

    So I've been plotting this whole post surrounding Alan Shore (played by James Spader) but since I'm talking TV I'll just add it here. Is it just me or does he make this character hot!! Granted he doesn't have the whole All American Ken Doll look like the guy playing Brad, but it still works.

    So that's it for today's Random Post. Enjoy!
    posted by Tc @ 1:36 PM   0 comments
    Oh Waaaaaa!
    Ok wonderful Mommies of the internet I've got an issue.

    The Battle: Jimminey Crickets does this seem worth a fight to you?
    Arena: Anywhere
    Time: Any time

    The Challenger:

    Code Name: whiny cry-ie Tantrum Brat

    Age: 3 years and 4 months (just about)
    Weight: 35lbs
    Height: Less than 4 foot

    The Defender:

    Code Name: Just knock it off already
    Age: 25
    Weight: Non of your Damned bussiness
    Height: 5'4

    Here's a Sample Play by Play

    Parents are rushing to get everything together so they can get out the door.

    Dad: Come one it's 7:45 already we have to go.
    Mom: Come on Gabby put that toy down and put on your sweater it's kinda cold out right now.
    Gabby: Sleeping Beauty come with me, Ok? Show and Tell.
    Mom: No, put her down. Show and Tell is not today. Come over here we have to go.
    Gabby: No she HAS to come. It make me feel better.
    Dad: Were running late put that doll down now.
    Gabby: Screaming and crying

    And then another example is this morning at daycare.

    I just finished giving her a hug and kiss and put her down and told her to get a puzzle and play with her friends. She says ok and then turns to go do just that, only instead of walking around the toy case she decides to climb up on and walk over the bucket of blocks. So I patted her bottom (I'd be surprised if she even felt it since it was light and she was a moving target) picked her up and put her back on the ground and told her that was bad you don't walk on toys and told her to walk around. She stood there for a moment trying to work up some tears and ignoring me so I told her again to walk around. She just stood there so I asked if she expected me to just let her walk on the toys and the little monster said yes. So I said I don't think so and send her around again. This time she moved and when she got to the end of the case she collapsed on the floor and started to cry. *eye rolling* Substitute teacher was oblivious to the conversation Gabby and I were having and was asking her what was wrong. I told her and the teacher said ok and backed off. I told Gabby to get up off the floor and when she did her crying turned to wailing and I sent her to the quite corner (aka time out). I said good bye apologized to the teacher and left.

    I need help with this little miss winy butt before I string her up by her toes. Any suggestions.
    Ignoring her doesn't work. Sending her to her room and giving time out don't work and Alex's approach is spanking and that doesn't work either.


    Just Knock it off Already.
    posted by Tc @ 5:11 PM   0 comments
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