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    posted by Tc @ 4:05 PM   1 comments
    Reasons I wish I was 4 years old again

    1.) To be able to tell people "Don't start with me" and turn my back on them and not get in trouble because the "adults" were a.) too stunned b.) laughing hysterically c.) asking each other and me if that is really what I said

    2.) To be able to sing and dance (badly) and feel like I am the best in the world.

    3.) Be a back seat driver even though I have no idea where I'm going.

    4.) The energy

    5.) Getting a kick out of being able to do grown up things

    6.) Laughing like crazy

    7.) Being very very very excited about NEW SHOES!!!

    posted by Tc @ 8:40 AM   1 comments
    Amores Perros, Crash and Babel
    The very first Mexican Cinema film and Gael Garcia Bernal film I ever saw was Amores Perros. It was a very strong film and took the story of 3 seemingly unrelated stories and shows how they literally all crash into one another. This was a strong complete moving movie. There were no loose ends. Everything tied up and together nicely. And it wasn't confusing. To me this film was the original Crash.

    Then came Crash. This movie almost took Amores to the next level. Almost. The basic concept is the same, how each seemingly unrelated life touched all the others. Crash is stronger emotionally. And that is one of the strengths it plays off of. But because it trys to show how so many different lives touch you miss out on some of the back story and relate ability of the characters. But like Amores it was still a complete movie. Almost no lose ends. You really don't walk away wondering what happens now? You can kinda see the after picture with out being told. I think the movie reached far trying to tie 8 individual stories together and I think they made it. Very worthy of the Oscar it won.

    I have been waiting for a life time to see Babel. I mean a Crash type movie with Brad Pitt AND Gael Garcia Bernal count me in!!! Only I was disappointed. It was only tying 4 stories together and it failed. I walked out Saturday night with too many un-answered questions. Questions that should have been answered or answered better. It also seemed to jump from one story to another with very little thought. Yes the movie made me cry, but I am a mother and a woman, it's not that hard to find the things that will kill me inside and make me cry. But it wasn't enough. The movie is claiming "Brad Pitts' Best Film Performance" and eh. Strongest yes. He was very good but I think there is better still to be had in his film career. And for the very first time in my life I walked away from a movie HATING Gael. I didn't think it was possible. The movie was left so incomplete that apparently my subconscious had to finish the movie in my dreams that night. I say see the movie, but know that there are better similar films, that don't leave so much undone.

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    posted by Tc @ 9:14 AM   0 comments
    In regards to Gabby's sudden hair loss
    Gabby's 2nd Haircut

    I myself think it is beautiful and wonderful! And Gabby couldn't be happier it's what she wanted. (HA! April I bet you didn't think your talk about long hair was going to do so much did you?) For a little bit now Gabby has been saying "I want my hair short like yours, mommy" and I say "NO WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY?" oh wait that was Alex and my Mom, not me sorry. I was was more honest "Honey I think that would be to short. What about to here?" (here being just below her shoulder blades when it was dry) So we have had many many talks about it. And finally we decided to go get her hair cut Saturday after we went to the library.

    Alex and Mom were adamant she not get it cut short. Gabby wanted it short. I wanted enough weight off that her curls would come back but not so much that she fro'ed.

    The stylist at the Zoo Cuts in Allen didn't speak English. And apparently didn't know what to do with curly hair.

    My request was Straight not angled back cut. I want it below the shoulder blades when it is dry.

    She cut it angled back and cut it AT the shoulder blades (which DUH curly hair shrinks when dry). Also now I can't pull it into a pony tail or single braid because the front is too short.

    I also had to stop the lady from blowing Gabby's hair straight. Never once did I say anything about straightening her hair or styling it for that matter. Just a cut and air drying is all I wanted. (but I guess to air dry she would need wet hair, it was barely wet-ed with a spray bottle. Is that normal? Why wouldn't they do the full treatment with wetting the hair in the sink?)

    But anyways. Very cute hair but I don't think I will be going back to that Zoo Cuts. I think next time we will try that kids salon that just opened in Frisco Sweet and Sassy.

    I think the best think about this hair cut is now Gabby can be more independent. She's excited that she can wash and brush her hair by herself now.

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    posted by Tc @ 8:48 AM   1 comments
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