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    Bags! Purses! Home Made!
    First. Happy Mothers DAY!!!

    So Dina got me thinking. She said she wanted one of my bags, and mentioned bright and colorful, which ok, but what colors?

    So do you want a bag?

    Ok well what color??

    Oh look a bucket of purses

    Below are some "suggested" color combo's. They can be mixed and matched at will. This is a first come first serve thing (But Dina gets Dibs since she asked first) so have a back up choice! E-mail me at tc1893@yahoo.com what you want.

    Red JENNY
    Pink and OrangeSTACY
    Retro Pinks
    Gabby's Choice
    Pink Combo
    Green floral DINA
    Blue and Purple
    Sparkle green
    this one is much greener and it sparkles
    Green flowers
    this isn't true color either. On the next picture look at the far right hand side, that is the true color.
    Candy dots
    Another Trio
    Trio of Colors
    Night flowers
    Grey Rain

    All Bags will be reversible, they can have pockets upon request. I will embellish the bags to make them more personal :)
    posted by Tc @ 3:08 PM   1 comments
    Tell me that you want someone beside you/Tell me that you want to see this through/Tell me all the times that I've been loving you/...You love me too
    Thank you again my dearest Rob Thomas for the unauthorized use of your words! This time the Title is from Fallin' to Pieces also from the album Something to Be.

    Ok you guys need to stop leaving me now.

    Don't know if you've noticed or not but I'm running out of friends here. And seriously you are running out of states that start with the letter "C" to be running to. I think you pretty much have Connecticut left. But that would be in the wrong direction. The letter C and West seems to be the theme here.

    See I'm no good at making friends other than the friends I already have. So (wait for it here comes the guilt trip) stop moving on with your lives to bigger and better things for you. Think about me. Poor miserable me. Revolve your lives around ME!

    pouting lightened
    this is here to emphasise the patheticness


    Fine, I guess that is ok.

    In all seriousness I know this post is like 5 days too early but Manda I hope you and Joe are beyond deliriously happy!! (Eeeeek!! Trees real trees, and the Ocean!! You are so extremely lucky!!) And like we were talking about, 50% of marriages are expected to fail so as of right now you and April are in the clear.

    Moving on to not much happier things. Feel free to ignore. I don't even know if the person this is aimed at ever reads here.

    Am I wrong to be expecting some sort of display? I have lived for so long with every thing based off of words and words alone. Words that were never backed up with action and were often forgotten by the speaker. I don't want that anymore. Sure feel free to keep feeding me pretty words and promises, but you damned well better back it up with actions and something tangible. That is of course if you have any hopes of trying to get me to change my mind.

    I know I come off as cold and like I don't care. And in part that is true. But only in part.

    I am preparing those of us left in this family to be on our own. And it's funny. It doesn't seem to be taking much work. There is much less yelling and fighting. Things seem to run just as smooth as before if not smoother.

    You have a lot to answer for. And a lot more to live up to. I will no longer be someones free ride. I expect more.

    I want a best friend. I want a partner. I want some one to stand by my side. Someone who knows when to pick up the slack and lead or back off and follow. But mostly to be by my side as an equal. I want to be loved.

    I want what everyone wants. Unconditional love. Not love based on my dress size. Not love based on my home economic skill or cleaning ability. Not love based on who I was 5 years ago. I don't want a honey do list that needs to be met before I am loved.

    It's not enough anymore.

    I want back what I always gave. I loved regardless of waist size, job, parenting abilities, home economic skills, house keeping abilities, of everything except that you were you.

    Unless you can figure out how to change my mind, I am done. And this time I am not coming after you. I did not wrong you. I did not hurt you. I never cheated.

    If you still love me like you claim you do
    If you still want to be in this family like you claim you do

    Figure out a way to fix it.

    And I am not drawing you a map. So stop asking me how to fix it.

    I also will not do this to Gabby more than once.

    One of the things you so liked about that girl 5 years ago has not changed. I am forever hopeful.

    If not you, I am still hopeful someone can love me like that.
    posted by Tc @ 2:47 PM   4 comments
    The one all about clothes!
    The skirt

    The skirt

    I loves it!!

    This weekend I bought "clothes"


    My Green Dress

    Soon to be Shirt
    this one will be a shirt

    That's about it for now.
    posted by Tc @ 6:51 PM   1 comments
    Gabby's shirt

    Gabby's shirt
    Originally uploaded by hello lovely.

    Made Gabby a shirt too!

    As well as a super cute skirt that I will upload pictures of tonight. As well as all the "clothes" I bought this weekend.

    posted by Tc @ 9:32 AM   0 comments
    aww... pitiful!!

    aww... pitiful!!
    Originally uploaded by hello lovely.

    Be jealous.

    I got to babysit Lizzy!!

    She just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

    posted by Tc @ 9:29 AM   0 comments
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