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    Debbie Does Dallas The Musical
    Seriously. I've got to pee and if I don't stop laughing I'm going to be very embarrassed. In this Morning's Quick Newspaper

    'Debbie Does Dallas'
    It's a musical version of the legendary porn movie. But
    there's no nudity. Just FYI. Kitchen Dog Theater's
    production opens tomorrow at 8 p.m. at the McKinney
    Avenue Contemporary, 3120 McKinney Ave. $15 to $25.
    Ya'll seriously. Go get your copy of Quick and turn to page 13.
    posted by Tc @ 10:49 AM   2 comments
    So how do you like the new look?
    I almost did it all by my self too :)
    posted by Tc @ 1:04 PM   2 comments
    Laughed so hard I almost pissed my pants!
    The Set up:
    Alex has started to speak to Gabby in Spainsh at totaly random times

    The Scene:
    Mom's (me) in the kitchen makeing dinner listening to the conversation between Dad and Gabby. Gabby is standing at one end of the couch and Dad is stitting at the other.

    The Conversation:
    Dad: Gabby, Spanish Goobely Gook..... Ven Aqui (points to the seat next to him)
    Gabby: (Moves closer to the couch) *mumbles* I not Ben
    Dad: (Confused look since he doesn't understand) Gabby, Spanish Goobely Gook..... Ven Aqui
    Gabby: *louder* I not Ben
    Mom: *snickers/giggles*
    Dad: (evil look at Mom, but still not getting it) It's not funny. Gabby Ven Aqui, Ven Aqui
    Gabby: I not Ben
    Mom: (now on floor in dining room laughing so hard she is gasping for breath) She *gasp laugh* is saying *laughing* She's Not *gasping* Ben *disolves into laughter*
    Dad: (Confusion melts) It's still not funny.
    Mom: Gabby *giggle* was telling you to go to him.
    Gabby: I not Ben.
    Mom: I know honey, he was speaking spanish.
    Gabby: Spanish? I not spanish.

    Ladies and Gents the mind of a two year old.

    Oh and you know how I was all proud Mommy about the fact that she doesn't ask why she askes what? Yeah well I'm in "WHY?" Hell.

    Oh and she has a new goal in life. To dance like the hippo's. She got up during dinner to dance like the hippo's in Fantasia. (good thing the tutu still fit)

    Just a side not can someone please tell me why all of the sudden the dog has decieded that my dining room is a good place to pee during the night? It's not like he doens't go out right before we turn in for the night and doesn't go out between 5-5:30 in the morning.
    posted by Tc @ 11:41 AM   1 comments
    What I did on my weekend

    1) Walk the Dog
    2) Make a big country(ish) breakfast (homemade (bisquick) biscuits, eggs, white gravy, chicken fried chicken)
    3) Whine about not wanting Alex to go do car stuff
    4) Pout (after he leaves)
    5) clean
    6) Bathe Gabby
    7) take forever getting ready even though I'm only wearing jeans and a tee
    8) Go to the mall
    9) Go rent movies, get upset cause God this was my stupid idea and I don't want to see a friggin thing. End up putting my movie that I didn't really want so Alex can get Batman and Hitchhikers
    10) Realize that Gabby has fallen asleep mid sentence on my tummy. (I'm kinda tiiiiiii *yawn* silence)
    11) Knit while I wait for Alex to get back with dinner
    12) Watch Hitchhikers try not to sleep.
    13) Get woken up by retching sounds (Gabby) that turn into "God you stupid dog get out of the effing way she's gonna blow"
    14) Sleep
    15) repeat 13 and 14 about 4 more times
    (I promise the dog went out more then once)


    1) Walk the Dog
    2) Baby Gabby

    3) Try to feed her (she refuses) See number 13 above
    4) Watch Cinderella two times in a row (her rented movie)
    5) Watch The Great Mouse detective

    6) Make her soup and force her to drink some
    7) Try to get her to nap
    8) Start Spiderman
    9) Knit while she is out like a light

    10) Finish MY capelet, put with Gabby's costume (turned out too small grrrrrrr)
    11) Finish her Pillow
    12) Finish her headband

    13) Start Constantine
    14) Put Gabby in like 3 layers of clothing, hat, scarf, umbrella to walk the dog
    15) Knit, frog, knit frog rinse and repeat
    16) Make dinner
    17) Sleep

    Bet you want to be me huh?

    posted by Tc @ 2:35 PM   2 comments
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