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    Who Says You Can't Have A Beauty Routine At 2 Years Old?
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    posted by Tc @ 4:52 PM   0 comments
    More nerve-wracking than a job interview
    1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
    2. The first five to respond will be asked five questions. I get to pick the questions.
    3. You will update your LJ blog with the answers to the questions.
    4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
    5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

    ok, here are your interview questions. (from Manda to me)

    1) your apartment caught on fire, but your family is safe and sound. you just HAVE to rescue something else before you head for safety. what is the one thing you take?
    A)This one is really hard. All the stuff from when Gabby was born.

    2) if money were no object, how would you spend your dream vacation?
    A)All over Disney World (not land), then Italy

    3) you win a million dollars. what do you do with it? :)
    A) Move to WA, give some to my family/friends, BUY a house, put some away for Gabby's college fund, take a vacation, donate to some of my fave charities.

    4) joe offers you the chance to be in on his big secret that everyone can know except me. do you take it? ;) (sorry, i can't think of any questions. lol)
    A) You better believe I would :)

    5) what bands are in your dream-show lineup? besides edgewater, because that's a given ;)
    A) Edgewater, Matchbox Twenty, Dolly Braid
    posted by Tc @ 8:29 AM   0 comments
    The Best Present Ever
    Last night was great! Lots of gifts and everybody loved the food! And when I got home Gabby gave me the best present EVER!! She sang me Happy Birthday!! It went something like this:

    Happy Day, Happy Day Tooooooo Happy Mommy Day Happy tooooooo!

    I was about to cry!!!

    And Alex did the sweetest thing he could have ever done!!! He had Gabby paint me some pictures!!
    posted by Tc @ 8:37 AM   1 comments
    HAPPY DAY!!!
    Happy Day, that's how my Gabby says Happy Birthday! (cute huh) So yeah Today is the day I turn the BIG 24. So I know its not that big and no it really doesn't feel any different than 23.

    Moving on

    All the celebrating was done on Saturday (ok I say all but that's not true the Family Dinner is tonight). We went to dinner at Red Robin and can I say how excited I am that everybody showed up!!! It was great!!! And. I made out like a bandit!! And after dinner I got to go play pretend with Manda! I so totally got to pretend that I don't have a family and that I am soooo still the fun kick as girl that I used to be! In other words I got to go to a show. Wait not just a show THE SHOW!!! I got to see my very first local music love playing at my very favorite local venue. That's right ladies and gentle men I so totally got to go see Edgewater at the Curtain Club. And that was my present to me!! And can I say the show was both orgasmic and organic.
    apparently I was wearing a HUGE invisible sign that said "Hey, Matt! Here I am! Abuse me how you see fit!" Cause that is so totally what happened! First I know I'm at the very front hugging the stage. Yes I remember that he likes to spray the crowd with water/drinks. But come on! I've been up front before and not taken this kind of abuse! First he splashes his water bottle contents into the crowd or should I say onto me. Wet t-shirt contest anyone?? And all over my hair. Ok fine I move on. We sing a little then I'm totally not looking then SPLOT! Crap. Warm water out of the mouth all over the hair. (ew ew ew) So I am able to move on enjoy the show and I can even with stand the occasional drops of sweat and spittle that seem to find me. I'll admit the whacking of the face with the mic cord makes me think he should try cordless. Then comes the Corona bottle. He sprays us with it once we all have had sufficient time to get dry! :) I LOVE THIS BAND!!

    But as much as I love the band I don't love them this much : sonotthatcrazy

    Nor am I not ever not going to shower again because I got "Matt sweat" on me. Yes I heard some Girls talking right next to me. They are crazy.

    It was so much fun I kinda wish I could live in that night for a while. This is the 2nd year in a row that they have played a "birthday show" for me. Coincidence I know.

    But see Manda aren't you proud of me? I made it this far without mentioning just how much I love the lead singer and how pretty his blue blue eyes are. And that I think I need to have a chat and see about getting some of his "spunk" (test tube is fine) and have a *my opinion* genetically perfect child that he would have no financial obligation too. Yeah this liking is sooooo much worse than my Gael one. By the way Congrats *suckage for my fantasies* to Matt on his marriage.
    posted by Tc @ 5:04 PM   1 comments
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