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    Gabby Spring Sing

    Gabby Spring Sing
    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    Last night was very cute!! I didn't get very many pictures due to my brand new rechargable batteries that were fully charged dieing faster than normal batteries.

    But what I got pretty much summed up the night.

    Her class started with Singing in the Rain then moved on to Plant a Little Seed, then Blow Wind Blow and ended with Singing in the Rain again. (all longer titles then I was given. She said she was singing Rain, Little Seed and Wind. Go figure)

    And like last time they didn't seem to have a clue as to what was going on!

    posted by Tc @ 10:40 AM   0 comments
    If you know me you know how much I love local music! And Lo and Behold! Unsigned.com! It’s like “local” music heaven!

    And it’s not just for one genre it is everything. Country, Rock, Rap, Hip Hop, Christian, Folk, Blue Grass, Indie, Alternative, Death Metal you name it it’s there!

    Just from browsing the Country Bands section I have found some great musicians to recommend. Like Dearborn Valley from Somerville MA or Philntheblanks from London Ontario (they have more of a bluesy country feel to them) or even Tim’s Bluegrass Band!

    So go find your own new very favorite bands!

    This post sponsored by Unsigned.com


    posted by Tc @ 10:20 AM   1 comments
    So I'm a sell out!
    That's me. Sell out.

    I've sold out to try and make some money on this old blog of mine. Every now and then there is going to be a sponsored entry.
    posted by Tc @ 10:00 AM   0 comments
    Debt is not for everyone
    Debt Consolidation Lowdown: Blogging Out of Debt is an online debt resource where you can find honest information and links about debt and how to manage it. They cover topics such as Credit Cards, Debt Management, Student Loans, Laws and Regulations, as well as keeping you apprised of Your Rights and giving Helpful Tips.

    Most of the information is straight forward and easy to understand if not a little impartial. And there are some articles like 12 Reasons Home Ownership is for Suckers. While this article gives you some very good and viable information about the truths of home ownership and the un-expected costs and issues that come with it, it also gives the impression of being talked down to.

    I would say that with today’s seemingly never ending debt this is an overall good website to use to find help and start getting your life debt free.

    This post sponsored by Debtconsolidationlowdown.com


    posted by Tc @ 9:43 AM   0 comments
    Lets play the pretend game
    Pretend you have an unlimited amount of money. Other than the standard answers (charities and stuff you buy for friends and family, and what not) what are you going to buy for you?

    I'll Go first.

    First I want
    THIS HOUSE (link)


    Make sure to take the
    TOUR and look at my back yard, and view.

    And My Car is the 1957 Chevy Bel Air 4 Door Sedan (NOT THE STATION WAGON!!!) It must be this blue/green color with cream or white leather seats (this is the only car I really want and the only car I will allow leather in!)

    The car

    Lets see...... those are the two big things some of the "smaller" things are:

    All of the following dishes can be found at
    Anhropologie.com (OMG it is my new favorite store!)

    I have fallen crazy in love with these dessert plates!!


    So of course I would buy all of the stuff to go with

    plate combo
    water lily platter

    Gabby would get a new bed


    I don't remember where I found this.

    I think that should be enough dreaming for now :)

    So tell me what do you want?

    posted by Tc @ 5:56 PM   0 comments
    Ode to Shrimp

    Shrimp! How I love all your sizes and forms! Small Medium Jumbo!
    Hear my tummy cry for you! My taste buds quiver in anticipation!
    Recipies abound at eastshrimp.com, appetizers, salads, entrees and more!
    Irresistible! So many ways to eat and enjoy
    Margarita Shrimp Tacos or Mediterranean Shrimp Scampi
    Perfection in every last form!

    Shrimp Recipes


    posted by Tc @ 1:18 PM   0 comments
    And what does your DNA look like?
    posted by Tc @ 9:22 AM   0 comments
    Gabby Sings part 2

    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    This Thursday at 7 Gabby is gaving a Spring Sing at daycare!

    You are invited!!

    posted by Tc @ 7:14 PM   1 comments
    Color the eggs Check Color the Fingers Check

    Color the eggs Check Color the Fingers Check
    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    I hope everyone had a great Easter :)

    posted by Tc @ 9:26 AM   0 comments
    Easter 2007

    Easter 2007
    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    Happy Easter Everyone!!

    posted by Tc @ 9:11 AM   0 comments
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