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    So Gabby and I were talking
    About April's Baby. I was telling here what we were going to buy and that she needed to help me pick a book out for April's Baby.

    We got to talking about the Baby's name. Apparently Gabby can say Lizzy just fine, but Elizabeth comes out as LittleBit.

    It was cute and you had to be there and I felt like sharing. Ya'll have to admit LittleBit is cuter than my calling it Baby Smith.

    Also on a side note did you know "Peoples don't go in the belly button?" I was informed of that this morning.

    April, Gabby can't wait for your baby to come out.
    posted by Tc @ 9:23 AM   2 comments
    This set up is a temp. I was just sick of the other one.

    I need help finding my new look.

    The peach carnations are your insperation. Go now, go find me my look.

    IMG_0534 See peach with pink striping.

    IMG_0518 Bumbalina says get a move on, I've go stuff to do.
    posted by Tc @ 4:50 PM   0 comments
    Bout time
    Heres some pictures of the yarn that I've spun.

    IMG_0509 The Grey was first, then the Pink.

    IMG_0510 Quickly followed by this lovely red seen here drying.

    IMG_0511 See how thin I got that red yarn?!?!

    IMG_0512 I no sooner finished ALL my fiber then I stole Manda's and made her yarn :)

    IMG_0513 And damned if it didn't turn out the best :)

    IMG_0515 Even Bumbalina is suprised!!
    posted by Tc @ 11:49 AM   0 comments
    Fun Second
    Dear Manda,

    Thanks for making this round of Playoffs fun!! And being the first to write letters!



    I love you. I love that you hit the ice and dominate the Stars. I love that it was 3-0 at the end of the first period.


    Dear Avs,

    What the hell was that second period about? Excuse me. But since when do we let the "Stars" win puck battles and control the game?

    Theodore, I can understand one goal, sure it's fine and sportsman like (albeit unnecessary). But 4? And that really ugly one that went in off your bum. Unaccepable.


    Dear Avs,

    The third period is almost over and I am very very upset with you. Stupid penalties boys. Are you just going to let them win? Do you really want to drag this out. I think letting them lose in 4 games would be less humiliating than 7.

    Bless you
    Clark, Hejduk and Laaksonen. Bless you for the short handed 3 man break away that led to the game tieing goal.

    Love you again,


    Wow I almost forgot you were playing. Thanks for the game winning goal, and not making me stay up toooooooooooo late.


    posted by Tc @ 10:18 PM   2 comments
    Serious First
    Did you know today is Holocaust Remembrance Day or Yom Hashoah?

    Just some links to help us all remember.

    Hanefesh Community
    United Stated Holocaust Museum

    posted by Tc @ 4:18 PM   0 comments
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