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    Did you know!
    Conversation between Alex, Gabby and myself of the way home today.

    Gabby: Who got me this? (waving around a sparkly Cinderella Barbie)
    Me: Aunt Dina I believe.
    Gabby: Like Santa?
    Me: Well it was for Christmas
    Gabby: Santa rides raindeer.
    Me: *turning into a yes-ing bobble head* Yes dear
    Gabby: And Santa rides girls
    Me: Alex did you hear that?
    Alex: No what?
    Me: Santa rides raindeers AND girls
    Gabby: Girls and Boys

    Yes you heard it here first. I think some one should alert the media about that old man.
    posted by Tc @ 7:33 PM   2 comments
    Plain and simple.

    Please go help. I have filled this out a few times already. I have a HUGE soft spot for wolves.

    I just took action to end the brutal slaughter of Alaska's wolves through aerial gunning at http://action.defenders.org/savewolvesed, and I hope you'll join me. More than 150 wolves have already been shot dead under the state's brutal aerial gunning program so far this year. The Alaska Board of Game allows marksmen to use low-flying airplanes to chase the wolves, run the helpless creatures to exhaustion, then gun them down at point-blank range once they're too tired to run any further.
    So far, the Bush administration has refused to use its power to stop the slaughter of these innocent animals, including pregnant mothers and young wolf pups.
    We must stop the slaughter of Alaska's wolves. Help me protect these magnificent creatures by clicking the link below to send a free message to President Bush and Interior Secretary Kempthorne urging them to enforce the Federal Airborne Hunting Act before it's too late for Alaska's wolves.
    Please go to http://action.defenders.org/savewolvesed.
    posted by Tc @ 10:18 AM   0 comments
    Bumbalina? Colorization? Help!
    It was brought to my attention that Bumbalina hasn't been mentioned lately. Well there is a reason. See while Manda and I agree Bumby is a wonderful and special girl, there have been some issues. And well we needed to send her away for a bit to one of those "special boot camps". See she had taken to running around with a flip-flop on her head and insisting we call her Bambi Queen of Sole. And dancing like well Michael Jackson on drugs.


    And really it was just too embarrassing.

    But I'll keep you posted if we have any updates.

    At home I have Paint Shop Pro 7. How do I colorize a BW photo? I could really use help with this. I've been to Worth1000.com and looked at their tutorials but I must be stupid or they aren't clear. Cause I'm just not getting it.
    posted by Tc @ 8:59 AM   1 comments
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