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    Everyone! Clap and Sing Along!!
    posted by Tc @ 2:04 PM   1 comments
    And So I Declare War on You
    You evil money grubbing bitch of a "school".

    I was wrong to withdraw Gabby from her old school. I admit it. My nose is raw from the rubbing I gave it. But in my defense, things weren't happy when we left. New owners (again) bad behavior from Gabby learned from her teacher. We were moving ahhhh the stress!!!

    I think I should start from the beginning, but I'll just give you the cliff notes on speed.

    When do we get to meet her teacher?

    School hasn't started, she has not been assigned a class.

    When do we get to meet her teacher?

    At open house.

    Hi your her teacher? What can you tell us.

    *not much in English*

    You BOTH need to come for a parent teacher conference at noon.

    Noon, oh hell no, 1 car + 2 jobs = no noon.

    What about after work, when can you come?

    We get here about 6.

    Oh no that won't work her teacher leaves at 2. Morning?

    Morning is fine, how early?



    So what's up?

    Gabby is bad. Doesn't listen, distracts other kids.

    Oh and does she do any thing good?

    No (I swear to GOD that is what the damned teacher said)(this is the first time I called her old school to see what I need.)

    By the way her name is Gabrielle or Gabby, not Gabirel, Gaby, Gabi or Gabbi. (took 2 notes to get that across.)

    You can't pay weekly.

    WTF? I talked to your husband about our situation, do to the way we are paid and that we split the cost we need to pay weekly. He said that was fine. Just write all the checks out the first of the month.

    Oh I'm sorry my husband is wrong. Can you pay bi-weekly?

    No, were you listening? How much notice do you require?

    Ack, I would hate to lose Gabby when she's starting to do better, weekly is fine.

    And now the piece de la resistance

    Alex: Oh and the owner told me we have not been paying for her lunch for the last two months.

    Me: Poof. I died, I think an atomic bomb went off where my head was. WHAT!!!

    Alex: Yep.

    Oh hell no! I pick up the phone to call Aunt Debbie but she called first. (creepy no?) She said she would be willing to watch Gabby for about 2 weeks so we can save up to re-enroll her in her old school. After that call I searched for the pricing list to make sure I was correct and, what do you know I am. Here I'll show you.

    Full Time student 3-6yrs Monthly no lunch 660 with lunch 710

    710 x 12(months) = 8520 yr 85200 / 52(weeks) = 163.85

    We pay $165 a week.

    I called Megan's mom to ask about the school and you know what, Megan came home talking about mammals and spines. The school kicks ass now.

    She. is. so. going. back!!!!!!!

    I e-mailed the current school's owner with the above math and my concern, I am currently just waiting to find out how long of a notice I need to give so I can write it up today.

    I called her old school and they are willing to work with us. I explained why we need to pay weekly and she said that is fine. She is supposed to fax me the application. I can't wait.

    Gabby and Megan will be reunited. It will be good. They have known each other since they were about 1.
    posted by Tc @ 9:23 AM   1 comments
    Big Boobies, New Boots and every thing else
    She has her costume! And it was painless!! Some how she only managed to try on 5 costumes. And 3 of those I picked for her.

    ( I was stupid and failed to take pictures of all the costumes)

    She tried on

    1.) Cute Fairy costume
    2.) Vampiress with red stand up collar
    3.) All Black Vampiress with stand up collar
    4.) Super Girl
    5.) Spiderman Muscle Costume

    The didn't have the plain old boring Spiderman in her size so we tried the Muscle one.

    I no sooner have her in the costume then she starts giggling to her self and grabs her chest and informs me she has BIG BOOBIES. And she did!

    big booby spiderman 2

    And when she left the fitting room to show Grandma and Daddy she repeated this fact for the whole store. Once Mom was done laughing she asked Gabby if her boobies were bigger than mine. Gabby looks at her's then mine, then chest slams me so she can compare them better. She then tells Grandma, "I thinks they are the same."

    Everything else was pretty uneventful, she decided she is going to be SuperGirl for Halloween.

    super girl


    She got some new boots on Saturday as well, and refused to take them off even though it was in the 90's that day.


    I need to get some pictures of the boots details, they are soo very very cute!!

    Dina, HELP! I've searched high and I've searched low. What the hell do you want for your birthday? I keep getting good idea's but then either I can't find what I want or, I don't like what I find.
    posted by Tc @ 11:33 AM   2 comments
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