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    Detox it over, Manda's camera gave up the pics!!
    And I swear I won't show you all 184 here. Just my favorites and if you want you can go look at the rest at flickr.

    Not Bad that was only 16, click for larger views and you can see the rest at Halloween 2006
    And since I'm on a roll, further proof she is adorable in her uniform
    Click above for larger views and you can go to Gabby to see more
    posted by Tc @ 8:46 AM   1 comments
    Be still my beating heart!!
    So what happens when you put these two in a movie together?

    hot + brad pitt

    Give up? Me melting into a puddle of mush. And possibly some Oscar talk.

    Thank you movie gods for putting these two divine men into ONE movie, I shall be very satisfied for quite awhile.

    I am quite sure based on the few pictures I can find of this movie I'm going to wish I waited to see it at home like I did Crash. (God did you scream and cry like I did??)

    Also. Why do they have to make these two very sexy men, look so... run down, and not so sexy?

    Gael Gael2 (so not digging the earring)
    bradpitt bradpitt3

    I think in this movie Gael is going to come out looking the best.

    Is it next Sunday yet? I think I've convinced Alex to take me to see this movie.

    Which by the way is Babel.

    And incase you aren't familiar with one or both of these amazing actors the above pictures are of Gael Garcia Bernal and Brad Pitt.

    If you are not familiar with Mr. Bernal I recomend renting/netflixing Amores Perros, Bad Education (the unrated version), and Dot the I. I think those are amongst his best. And if you are looking at him wondering I know I've seen him in an english speaking move but I can't place him, let me help, he was in I'm with Lucy (I have not seen this yet).

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    posted by Tc @ 3:47 PM   1 comments
    If I'm 2 days late does that mean I'm 2 dollars short?
    Uhhh... Happy Halloween!! Hope it was a good one....

    Yeah I'm lame I admit it. I'm also a bit slow with the posts and the pics and it's 100% me.

    See I borrowed Manda's baby. And I took something like 184 pictures of Gabby. In less than 24 hours.

    She told me to stop taking pictures of her.


    And I did, when I dropped her off at school.

    I think she now sympathises with the celebrity's who have to deal with the paparazzi.


    But she was sooooooooo friggen cute!!

    So when Manda's camera is done with it's much needed Gabby detox, and gives up the pics, I'll try not to show you all 184.

    She wouldn't even let me take her picture with my camera phone this morning. She hid, and ran.

    *sigh* why must she be so selfish? (just kidding)

    Is it time to go start the book swap yet?? Have you gone to sign up yet? You should! It will be fun, maybe I'll get you as a pal!

    I am sooooo not talented in this stuff but go look at the button I made for it!! (it's under my button section to the left (yeah yeah you should have known(I can't help myself and it took me a bit to find her reading even though I know she liked to read)))

    Oh I was talking to one of the Mom's at Gabby's daycare yesterday morning, apparently all she heard last week was how Gabby was coming back and all she's heard this week is Gabby this and Gabby that! And the teacher piped up and said "Yeah, that's all Megan was talking about last week as well. She was telling everyone Gabby's coming back."

    I think we made the right choice. She's extremely happy, I haven't heard anything bad and I've asked, her clothes are staying cleaner, and she's happy. For the first time this morning she took off with out me and didn't even give me a hug and kiss goodbye. She just grabbed Megan's hand and they ran off the the "Schooler's" room where they go until they start school.

    Where's my baby?

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    posted by Tc @ 8:47 AM   2 comments
    Now this is right up my Alley!!
    Manda sent me a link to this book swap, this looks like so much fun and I already know what I want to send for my first swap!!!

    BookSwap 1 Questionnaire

    1. What is your favorite book of all time and why?

    I think this has to be a huge tie between Anne of Green Gables (OK really all 8 of Anne's books) by Lucy M. Montgomery and The Talisman by Stephen King. Now the hard part dissecting why I love these books.
    I think with Anne it's pretty easy. Fiction or Real she is one of the best friends a girl can have. She's so sweet and lively and innocent and I think it's easy to see bits of our selves or what we would like to see, in her.
    Why do I like the Talisman so much? I don't know. The thought of being able to flip back and forth between "worlds", but no that's not really it. I'm not sure. But hands down this is one of a very short list of his books that I will re-read.

    2. What type of book do you most enjoy reading?

    Fiction is the short answer. I like Stephen King, Janet Evanovich, Jonathan Safran Foer (Put Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close on your short list of must reads), Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton, I tend to like books that come in series, I'm one of those that if it's good I never want it to end. Maybe that's why I keep putting the last book in King's Gunslinger series off.

    3. What fictional character do you most resemble?

    LOL! I don't think I do, or if so I haven't met her yet. What do you guys think to this one, do I remind you of a book character?

    4. What is your favorite type of sweet or chocolate?

    Mint M&M's or Carmello's!! YUM!!

    5. What are your hobbies?

    Other than reading? I kinda knit and I like to sew, and if I could guarantee my daughter and dog wouldn't lose/eat the pieces I love to put puzzles together.

    6. Do you collect anything?

    Gosh when it comes to this I'm such a kid. I love Barbie. So I collect her and I'm starting to collect Marilyn Monroe things as well.

    7. What is your favorite color?

    Not yellow or baby poop brown? I like most all colors, buy my favorite seems to keep changing, I guess I just can't pick one.

    8. What is your favorite movie and why?

    Gosh. Can I go with TV show instead? I can't pick a movie. My top 4 TV shows (in order) are Lost, Boston Legal, Grays Anatomy and Heroes

    9. When is your birthday?

    April 18 1981

    10. What is your favorite scent?

    Rose and Lilac

    11. Do you have any allergies?

    Not unless you plan on sending medicinal mold :)

    12. Do you have wishlist on Amazon or another site?

    Sadly yes they are off to the left

    13. What kind of music do you like? Are you MP3 compatible?

    Mostly I listen to Country but I have a softness for Queen, Arrowsmith, Rob Thomas, Matchbox 20 and Edgewater (and if we are to be honest, most alternative and some hard rock)

    And not I'm a bit archaic, no mp3's for me sorry.

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    posted by Tc @ 2:59 PM   2 comments
    Give me a moment I'll think of something smart like
    Oh so much to catch up on!!

    I think I will defer to Manda for the blow by blow for her Birthday party :) I loved the haunted house that is an awesome idea for a party!!

    Lets see... Last week I had a temporary assistant she only lasted for a day and a half. And boy can I tell you this person made more work then help so I had to fire her. But gosh she was pretty. See?

    click for larger view

    Today is Gabby's first day back at her old school! She looks sooooooooo frigging cute in her uniform (I almost called it a costume) and me being biased I think she looked cuter than anyone in her class. Oh it was soooooooo good to bring her back, Megan was the first one to see her and she immediately yelled "GABBY" and came running to say hi and then here came the chorus of her other friends, gosh it was cute and I am so glad we could get her back there. Also I totally love her new teacher!!

    click for larger view

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    posted by Tc @ 12:11 PM   2 comments
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