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    Feel my forehead. Am I feverish?
    Please tell me I am. Please Please Please!!

    See it all started last weekend *insert Wayne's World Flash back sequence* when I was at Mom's. And I started poking around her movies. So I asked if I could borrow Of Gods and Generals, cause I haven't seen that one yet. I also happened to see this movie, the Knock Around Guys, and some part of my brain must have just, oh I don't know, died. Cause the draw was not what you may expect. Mmmm yes Seth Green was on the cover and that did cross my mind but no that was not what made me pick it up. For some unknown reason Vin Diesel looked mighty appetizing. (Oh how the mighty have fallen, and it hurt too. Well it hurt my pride.)

    Dear Goodness what is wrong with me? Come one Vin as in the VIN number on a car, Diesel as in Diesel gas? WTF? But I get ahead of my self. Holy Heyzuse, he's just a big freaking car isn't he?!?! Stop Tc Stop, we will dissect this in bit.

    Now this is not the first of his movies I have been subjected to, however it was the first time I chose to watch one of his movies. Alex forced me to watch Pitch Black one and two, made me sit through Fast and the Furious, kept waking me up during XXX, and the nanny was the only redeeming part of the Pacifier. AAAAAAAK!! I've seen all his movies haven't I?!?!?!!? Oh I need some strong medication!! And like I said I watched all by myself mind you The Knock Around Guys. And *stop me please* it was pretty good. And I *make it stop* was upset when the shot his character and was going to upset if I didn't get the outcome I wanted. And what's the worst part. I found him *gasp* Attractive.

    Dude his head is shaved, but you can tell he's balding. And not the kind that's sorta ok cause it's just the hair line eroding. No it looks like it's the kind that starts after the hair line at the top of your head. *this is the part where I argue that there has to be something wrong with me* Have you heard him talk? Can you understand what he says? Maybe I could if the rocks were removed from his mouth before he starts talking. I'm kind of a nose person as well and there is just something about his nose that just doesn't do anything for me. *shrug, does it seem like I'm grasping, I feel like I'm grasping*

    Now for the photo evidence of all that is wrong with me.

    I'm not a girl to be won over by big muscles. They do almost NADA for me. (ok I have to break this into 2 posts, keep reading below)

    *edit* Apprently this guy was in Saving Private Ryan, my MOM made me watch that one!!
    posted by Tc @ 9:02 AM   0 comments
    Feel my forehead. Am I feverish? Part 2
    Ok so for the photo evidence, aka where I make fun of him to save my face.

    vin_diesel_98 Ohh look at my armpit! I'm some sort of bad ass with nipples painted on. Is it just me or does it look like he trims his pits.

    vin_diesel_99 Ohhhh... uhhhh..... God look at that he has the Ken Doll effect.

    Oh yeah look at those arms if I wanted to see veins I'd become a flebotomist and work for Carter's Blook Care. *ugh nasty*

    vin_diesel_01 *bad word* Ok I lose it with this pic. Look at that Ken Doll effect. Oh wait, does he have an outtie bellie button, if so i'm out.

    Ya'll whats wrong with me?!?!?! Is there a name for this disease?!?! Is there a cure?????

    Ok here is something really nice to look at, and make me feel better and less dissapointed with me.

    brendan_fraser_02 Yum I love me some Brendan Fraser!!
    posted by Tc @ 9:00 AM   1 comments
    Who knows what I want?
    So I want to change the look of my blog again. I know I just changed it too!! But Blah, I'll do to my blog what I used to do to my hair. I'm bored it's time to change. Sooooooooo It's opinion time!

    1.) Private Island
    My childish side

    Here's whats sad. I just don't know what I want. Blue Green's? Purples? Primary? Pastel?

    So if you have an opinion on what you would like to see or find a template other than the ones listed you would like, just let me know :)
    posted by Tc @ 3:47 PM   2 comments
    Are your Pregnant? Apparently I am (no not really)
    Just for the fun of it


    Apparently I'm having a little boy who has brown hair and hazel eyes and who weighs 7lb 15oz and god help us all Ralph Nader was the father.

    Thank you
    Manda for the link! And tell your body I'm sorry about the size of your kids.
    posted by Tc @ 9:00 AM   0 comments
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