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    Phew! I made it to Friday. Sorry for those of you who depend upon daily updates. I have been very busy lately. But no complaints I love it. Other than that I don't think I have anything to add.
    I'm celebrating Valentines this weekend. Better late than never, right. I want to see Bad Education with Gael Garcia Bernal, or is it Bernal Garcia? Either way you would have seen him in such movies as Amores Perros, Y Tu Mamma Tambien, The Crime of Father Amaro or the recently released to DVD Motorcycle Diaries. I highly recommend seeing these movies. Alex wants to go see Constantine, with Keanu Reeves. From well the Matrix Trilolgy. We'll see who wins this weekend. But for sure we are going with my family to the the new Pooh Bear movie this Saturday.
    I did get my 7 day letter off in the mail today so, assuming they receive it on Saturday they have until next Sunday to fix things. Yes I am giving them President's day off, I thought I would be nice.

    gael_garcia_bernal Yummy Pic but you can't see how pretty his eyes are.
    posted by Tc @ 5:04 PM   0 comments
    This just in
    Bob: And just to add to the fun of today, Jorge, It would appear that a disgruntled WAMU employee has sent out a nasty virus via the internal messaging system.
    Jorge: Bob, tell me, do you think this will in anyway impede the work flow for the employee's?
    Bob: Well Jorge, it seems that they will have to go back to using the antiquated system called phones to contact one another. H-Hold on let me ask this employee over here. Miss, yes miss I'm sorry what is your name
    Amanda: Amanda
    Bob: Amanda tell me do you think you will be able to get along with the old phone technology?
    Amanda: No way, what are we living in the dark ages.
    Bob: So Amanda tell me, does this mean you don't know how to communicate via phone?
    Amanda: Please excuse me. The grey box on my desk is making funny noises again. I must locate my hammer and beat it into silence.
    Bob: *horrified look on face...momentarily* Well there you go Jorge, I'm not sure how this company will survive.
    posted by Tc @ 4:15 PM   1 comments
    War and Defeat
    Lets start with the defeat. This moving of offices is killing me. Since we are no longer in the same building as our set up team my cut off time for getting files submitted has been cut by two hours. So what I used to have until 3pm on the dot to do I now have until 1pm. So I am in serious rush/panic mode all morning then after 1 .... its deadsville. Or at least that's the way it's been the last two days.

    Now on to War. I am once again having to wage War with my apartment complex. Starting tomorrow. Tomorrow at lunch I need to run to the post office and mail off their first 7 day letter. Wait seven days, if my list of things is not taken care of send my second, repeat then send the third. Wait those last seven days, seek help to take legal actions against the complex. For those of you wondering "well what could be so bad?" let me give you a little history. We moved in June '04 by August my master bedroom had flooded 6 times damaging all my furniture. Recently the apartment above mine flooded (no one was living there) and was leaking into my bathroom. It took them almost 6 months to get me screens for the windows. We have had them out (supposedly I only know of 1 time for sure) about 3-4 times for roach/ant issues. Well the ants have been gone for a long time, but the roaches are never ending. Don't go thinking bad about me here, I'm not OCD about cleaning but I don't live in a garbage dump either. Then last month my dining room floods. It took them 2 days to respond then another week to fix it and another week to do a shi*y job patching the work they did. Its been a month. I'm still waiting for padding to be put back under my carpet. I have these odd random cracks in and on the walls all over the place. Back when the finally fixed the bedroom leak they completely changed the carpet in the apartment. When they did that they removed ALL of the lower tracks for the closet doors. Not safe. I have a two year old. Very active. Likes to hide in our closet. One of the doors has almost fallen on her. We have been complaining about this one for ever too. And that my friends is only a sample. Its been hell. But this time I'm sending specific pictures of things that need to be fixed. If they need video. I have that too.

    And since I'm in a whiney mood. Darn it I want ONE too!!
    posted by Tc @ 3:44 PM   0 comments
    For the Mommies and the Daddies
    For you Mommies and Daddies these are my young kid friendly TV recommendations that you yourself may even enjoy. They all have the Gabby stamp of approval. She actually asks for these " 'toons" her self every morning before school. They all come from TLC (The Learning Channel).

    1.) Hi-5 It's funny, it's cute and it teaches!! And it has way more substance then that silly Wiggles show that seems to be ever so popular with Gabby's age group.

    2.) Peep and the Big Wide World This one is so much fun that Alex and I sing along with the intro song. It teaches basic science concepts with Peep a chicken who lives in a tin can, Chirp a robin who dreams of one day flying and Quack, a "the world revolves around me 'cause I'm a duck" duck. Very cute, very funny. Joan Cusack narrates the stories. Eeek. I had to go find the lyrics!

    Well, it's a sunny day
    I feel brand new
    There's about a million things That I could do!
    Would you like to Do them, too?
    Yeah Well, it's a big wide world
    And it's waiting for me and you!
    Let's look around
    What will we see?
    Round every corner a discovery!
    There's no place I'd rather be!
    Oh, Yeah Well, it's a big wide world
    And it's waiting for me and you!

    Sadly, I'm singing it in my head to myself right now.
    And in between the shows are shorts from readysetlearn.com with Paz the penguin and his mom Big penguin. I just felt like sharing.
    posted by Tc @ 2:50 PM   2 comments
    I'm still breathing
    What ever I caught Sunday knocked me on my a**! I was so pathetic that I couldn't even open my own closet door Sunday night, and it just SLIDES! And I only made it through 1/2 a day Monday. Can I say chicken noodle soup followed by a serious nap worked a minor miracle. With the exception of a little stuffiness I'm fit as a fiddle today.

    Gabby was in rare form this morning as well. So freaking happy and playful!! I just can't get over how wonderful and perfect she can be. I've just about have my second disposable camera filled again. I like to take pictures of her when she is having great hair days and she is such a friggin ham. She was all posing at the window. Oh take my pic like this, no like this. Here the back of my head. I got some great ones of her over the weekend as well. She was doing her "mock" mommy routine. Washing her face, her hands wiping back her hair. She is soooo cute.
    model She started posing for pics young. She was 9mo old in this one. When I get to Wally World this weekend I will get updated pics of her.

    Going back to Sunday. Alex gave her a rose and a card for her to give to Mommy. So she looks at me at the door laughs and runs into the apartment and past me. Alex had to remind her to give me the flower. It was very cute. And very sweet and thoughtfull on both their ends.
    posted by Tc @ 2:06 PM   0 comments
    As promised to some....
    You can click on the pictures and larger ones will appear.

    mommylook Gabby as soon as we got inside the Dallas World Auarium.
    gabbyandpenguines We loved the Penguines.
    gabbyandfreak They were having half nekked painted men running around. Really I can't recall what the orgin of people they were supposed to be, but it was cool the dancing and the music.
    posted by Tc @ 8:29 AM   1 comments
    I got sick. I am sick. I can't swallow without wanting to scream. Its getting to my ears. Make it go away.
    This hit me over night when I was sleeping. And Gabby, just incase you are wondering, started this journey with a mild cold. Now she is super sick as well. Only I can't tell if it is because she is allergic to the dog. And can I ask a question. Why is it that I buy her 12 hr cough syrup and I have to give it to her every 6-8 hrs? What's the point?

    And yes for those of you wondering. The nekked people did run last night.
    posted by Tc @ 8:22 AM   3 comments
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