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    me in the mirror
    Originally uploaded by One Perfect Something.

    I just got my first credit card!!

    woohoo for me!!

    posted by Tc @ 7:50 PM   1 comments
    For shits and grins
    *First though, the meeting went fine. Gabby is good. It was a semesterly thing. They said she is maturing and broadening her interests. And you know what. Not once did her teacher say "Gabby is just being Gabby" cause you know how freaking much I hate that cop out of an excuse. So I am happy.

    Now for the fun. I saw this some where and I don't remember all the rules.

    Go to Google.com and google *Your name* needs and type up some of the top results (I'm doing 10)

    Teresa needs:

    1. Teresa needs to lay off the sauce! - I beg your pardon!
    2. Teresa needs you. - Yep. I need you to clean my house.
    3. Teresa needs help Tech Tips and Computer Help. - Lordy do I ever!
    4. Teresa needs to be shot!!!! - Like Hell!!
    5. Teresa needs to worry less about marketing and start focusing on the damned cars before there is nothing left to market. - I'll get right on that
    6. Teresa needs your help to choose the Sexiest Man Dead! - Either Jimmy Stewart or Errol Flynn
    7. Teresa needs one more miracle to become a saint. - Wow just one more and I'm in! Sweet!
    8. Teresa needs a "press secretary" - Seriously. You know they just won't stop calling about the miracle thing. Jeeze give a girl a break!
    9. Teresa needs to learn to love and value herself. - More than I already do?!
    10. Teresa needs right now. - Nuff said.

    Tag you are it!!

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    posted by Tc @ 2:26 PM   1 comments
    Wish me luck!
    I have a Parent Teacher Meeting today at 1:10!

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    posted by Tc @ 11:38 AM   0 comments
    Pardon the mess
    I'm still working on getting the bugs out with Manda's wonderful help!!

    Ok it seems that the comments are now working. Please let me know if you find any other bugs!


    posted by Tc @ 2:39 PM   1 comments
    mmmm eye candy
    So I surprised Alex on Saturday with an anniversary date. For the last week or two I've been all "What? Why now why 5 years later are you so hell bent on celebrating this??" or "We don't have the money to do anything" And he was under the impression that was the deal. We weren't doing anything or acknowledging it.

    hee hee

    I'm a bitch

    A sneaky bitch

    I went and bought a new outfit and a gift for him and tickets to go see 300. And he was clueless. And we had a wonderful date!

    As far as the movie goes I will say this. It was very pretty. And very gory. And very full of lovely eye candy.

    mmmmm... don't you just want to lick his tummy??

    Oh and that yummy man right up there his name is Michael Fassbender. Feel free to google his hotness.

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    posted by Tc @ 3:10 PM   0 comments
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