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    In honor of the Grinch
    Arthur Agatston-who ...... I HATE YOU!!!!!!

    Your f*cking diet better be worth this. If it wasn't for me Dr. giving me only two choices Weight Watchers (that I sooo have to join and go to meetings) or your hateful South Beach Diet (where I only have to buy a book). Well I don't know I'd probably get fatter so ... so ... there!

    Seriously body do you have to fight me every step of the way? Girls when is the worst possible time to start a diet? You know that time? My traitor body waited. I am in double hell. All I want is the stuff I can't have during these two weeks. I want candy. The best in the world is just over at Manda's desk. Plus the HUGE stash in the cookie jar at home. And bread. I swear I will cry if I don't get bread soon!! You know body, we are trying to slim up so stop acting like we are starving! This would be sooooo much easier if you would just let up!

    And you nature are you conspiring against me as well? You know I have a brand new bike and I want to learn to ride again. For my health only a little less than for the joy of it. But you. You insist on rain and being dark when I get home. Whats up with that?!

    God why was I so stupid to start this week? I am going to have 2 birthday cakes waved in my face that I can't have. As well as pizza! I am stupid.

    But I know why. If I put it off it wouldn't happen. It would keep getting pushed to the way side.

    I don't like how bad Gabby made me feel with out knowing it.

    *pat pat pat* "Mommy you have a big tummy"
    "Yes I know"
    *pulls up shirt* "You need to get a little tummy like mine!"
    *I died*

    I don't like that I can't sit on the floor with out a leg or two falling asleep.
    I hate that I have to wake up multiple times a night to move so that the arm I was laying on can get circulation again.

    But mostly for Gabby. I want to play with her.

    So I guess Dr. Arthur Agatston-who .... I don't hate you.

    I've made it four days without cheating what's another 11 right? *sob*

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    posted by Tc @ 3:09 PM  
    • At 1/4/07, 5:57 PM, Blogger Dina said…

      Oh honey! I feel your pain. Dr Atkins and I had the same conversation (even though I kicked his butt to the curb and decided I was better off fat than carbless for the rest of my life!). I promise it does get better! I have been doing Weight Watchers (without the meetings) for over a year now and have lost 46 pounds. I have complete faith that you will have the same success.

    • At 1/7/07, 11:08 PM, Blogger Stacy said…

      So how are you doing so far? You know you can do this! And you know I got a bike for xmas the year before last. So if you ever just want to go ride bikes..like during the weekend at a trail or something...I'll try to keep up..lol. I'm rootin' for ya!

    • At 1/17/07, 1:26 PM, Blogger Genevieve said…

      I know you can do it!

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