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    The POST Part 1
    HA! Manda you better believe it now! This is the recap post! It's a long one and may be broken up in to parts.

    The night before I left to go see Dina I panicked.
    "OMG!" I said to myself. "These roots are horrid! I can't be seen in public with them! I must call Lori and beg." And I did just that and the blessed angel of a stylist agreed to come to my home and fix my hair for me THAT NIGHT! So with the exception of the people I live with my color was to be a surprise. And damned if I didn't look good with the new color! (toot toot blowing my own horn here) I feel I need to thank those who donated their DNA to make me able to pull off what ever color I want. Sooooo... Thanks!

    So I went from my lovely Platinum (that for some reason was starting to turn pink!) to a lovely Cherry Cola.

    Before: Gold
    After: Picture 012

    Day One:

    So Friday morning I woke up and made sure everything was packed for the millionth time. Got my self ready to fly and Gabby to go to school. Thanks to mom I made it to the airport on time :)
    After sitting around for days and days (ok not really but still) and reading Spike finally arrived. Spike was the super cute porcupine that adorned the tail and wings of my airplane. Sooo cute!

    But anyways after an uneventful loading and take off I settled in to read, and read and read. Some were about the time we entered Colorado my seat neighbor and I started talking. And she gave some of the best vacation advise. "You have to go see the Cave of the Winds and the Garden of the Gods". Once we landed and I maneuvered through the maze that passes for an airport in Denver, and did the kinda screamy jumpy OMG I'M HERE thing with Dina I passed on the gems. And oh my goodness guys Katy is getting so freaking BIG! Soooooo Cute and the attitude to rival Gabby!

    So once we got all loaded up and on the road Dina started telling me the options for lunch. And I have to say when I'm visiting some where new I don't want something that is everywhere and asked for some local cuisine. After making a face and chiding me (kidding) she mentioned some local places we could eat for lunch. We ended up choosing Gunther and Toody's because I laughed at the name.

    It's a hamburger joint via the '50's. It was AWESOME! Seriously! The food was good (they had Turkey burgers even!) but the company was best! Katy kept pushing Dina out of her space that was funny! I think she got tired of me trying to take her picture too. Also it was at this time Dina whipped out her Josh floss and told me what it was so ... you know me give me some thing quirky and I'll run with it!

    After lunch we (ha like I drove) drove out to the Red Rocks. Which by the way seem to be misplaced. It seems to me they should be in ohhhh... Arizona or some thing. But still way cool! After walking, climbing, getting great advise from the elevator and going through the Museum we went to Dina's Apartment to drop things off, give Katy a nap and wait for my other Mom to come home. While waiting Dina introduced me to her Josh and Buble. I dig the Buble! Thanks Dina I have some thing else to get excited about now! If you haven't seen him I recommend it! Once Mom came home we headed out to the mall and I took Dina to Torrid and she ended up walking out with some really super cute tops and I? Got more Body Tape to keep the gold top in place. After two malls we ended up Google-ing some things and found ourselves chatting with John and swapping Euphemisms. Also we learned that a Drunk Dina = a Sober Tc. I'm not quite sure which of us was a bit more insulted. I think me cause that makes me sound like I act like I'm drunk. hmmmmmmmmmm....... GRRRRRRRR

    Day 1

    Day Two:

    We slept until like 11:30 am. It was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!! I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep in like that!

    After breakfast Dina went to get tickets for us to take the train up Pikes Peak only to find they were sold out (stupid baseball touristy people) So instead we took the nice plane lady's advise and got ticket to go to the Cave of the Winds. I found something out about myself on the drive up the curvy steep road to the caves. I am in fact a bit more afraid of heights than I thought. See at one point I stopped taking pictures an looked out my window. I bearly had time to register what I was seeing before I was trying to climb into Dina's lap through my seat belt. Once I kinda composed myself and Dina stopped laughing she asked me what was wrong. I then told her about the effing sheer drop out my window and that there didn't appear to be anything to keep us from going over. And I quote "Why do you think I'm watching the road not the windows?". Once at the top we did the touristy thing and took scenic pictures and goofy pictures before we headed on into the check in area.

    We took the standard lighted tour of the caves. They offer a lantern tour where there is no electricity just your lamps that may get blown out by the wind at anytime. Also they tell ghost stories while on the tour. We agreed that we would have to come back next time I'm there and go do that tour too. The caves were really cool and very warm for staying at 54 degrees year round. We got to one part of the tour when the tell you the story of these two girls like a very long time ago and how they were old maids at like 16 and how they left their metal hat pins on this ledge for good luck. Well they came back a year or so latter both married to wealthy men and thus started the legend if you toss something metal at the ledge and it lands and stays there you get one year good luck, if it falls to the ground you get divorced and two years bad luck. Dina and I both tossed pennies. Guess who got good luck and who got bad luck.

    After more picture and caves Dina and I drove to Manitou (pronounced Man eh Tow) and sight see-ed that cute little town and went to the Pikes Peak train Depot to look around and get some pictures. Then we went to the Garden of the Gods. It is a bunch of Red Rock formations that make you think you are in the wrong state. But man are they pretty! So we took many pictures and were tourists. :)

    We then went back to Manitou and eat Lunner (get it Lunch/Dinner you know like Brunch only later) at the Mason Jar. Very good home cooking type of food and your drink really come in Mason Jars!

    We then headed back to Dina's neck of the woods and I took her to see Across the Universe! Which if you have not seen that yet you need help and to go see it ASAP! While waiting for our showing of the movie we went to this Mexican place that was literally across the sidewalk and had some Margaritas. I am not a Margarita girl. Jose you are not friend of mine. I don't like you with a little salt and lime. Sorry got carried away there. So Dina had one and helped me CHUG mine ( I honestly couldn't get past the taste uggghhhhh). And we carried our tipsy asses back across the sidewalk to see the movie.

    Day 2

    And thus concluded Day two.

    Day Three and Four to come next.

    posted by Tc @ 9:41 AM  
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