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    Vastly different experiences... and we are just starting
    After Gabby was born I was a little sorry I never went into what I considered real labor with her. Sure my water broke but, I was very slow to dilate and stalled when I did, and I never had contractions, until the Dr. ordered the Pitocin to start my labor.

    I am currently set to have this little darling induced on Tuesday Morning. However since about 2:30 3am I've had contractions. (I was sorry I missed this joy? phsaw! What was I thinking?) Honest to goodness contractions, not the Braxton's I'd been having. They don't last too terribly long and are pretty strong. Oh and they keep coming. And being me and well a parent I can't say I thought too much of them (even when I had a death grip on Gabby's hair when I was brushing it this morning or snapping at her that she can't move her foot just now as I was stop motioned in the middle of tying her shoe.) It didn't occur to me to start timing them until after we dropped her off at daycare and were on the way to Alex's work.
    There does seem to be a pattern of about 10 min or so. Back home we go.

    Mom...... can you drive me to work?

    And there the contractions stayed. Until about 11 or so when they started to get further and further apart. At which point I'm all HA! I was right to stick to my guns and come to work! Only to find my self being pushed out the door.

    Mom I'm being kicked out of work can you come get me?

    I have continued to time and write down when my contractions happen with the exception of the 2hrs I was down for a nap. (and yes it is fully possible to curse and ignore contractions when they wake you up, and go right back to sleep as if nothing happened)

    It's 5pm my time now. Since 4:22 I have had 4 contractions, the last one being at 4:51. They are still pretty far apart, and just now trying to get back into a pattern.

    So does this rambling post have a reason you may wonder.

    Well no.
    Not really.

    It just serves as a much needed update. And to let you know that we may very well not make it to Tuesday.

    But then again we may, it has been 15min since my last contraction. We don't seem to be aiming for consistency here.

    But on the upside, I have learned a few things about contractions!

    1.) Ouch
    2.) Oh wait I'm having one now please hold
    3.) In through the nose out the mouth doesn't work for shit.
    4.) But it works better then my natural instinct to treat the contractions like a Bogyman and hold perfectly still and stop breathing in hopes he will pass me by and find another victim.
    5.) I would like my epidural now please.

    I'll keep you guys updated one way or another I promise :)
    posted by Tc @ 4:40 PM  
    • At 3/20/09, 10:38 PM, Blogger Dina said…

      YOU WENT TO WORK?????? Psycho.

      Yay for baby! I can't wait to see her....BTW, did you ever finalize a name for her?

      (P.S. I am still hoping it is a boy....ROFL)

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