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    So, apparently I have created a monster.

    Monster, thy name is Gabrielle. Ye shall be cute, cuddly and deceptively sweet. Ye shall be all things thine mother never was at your age, ye shalt be girly and froo froo-ish. It hast been decreed that thou shalt crave manicures and pedicures, shall deem all lipstick, chapstick and lip gloss in the state thine. Ye will have a thing for shoes. And this shoe fetish shall be all consuming, allowing thine mother a little bit of leverage to get you to co-operate. So it has been said so it shall be.

    Yeah, my Mom witnessed Gabby looking at her finger and toe nails and making noises of disgust. (translate: "God this is nasty! Mom, I need a manicure and a pedicure. Like now.") Mom overheard me telling Gabby that I would re-paint her nails last night (didn't happen, but may tonight) and while trying not to laugh too hard informed me that Gabby is a little young to be demanding manicures and pedicures. (I know lets play a game, how many times to I type the words manicure and pedicure) So yeah. She is girly in ways I am unfamiliar with as I was a tom-boy.

    But Saturday was my favorite. It was Mommy and Gabby bonding day. We went shopping ("SHOES?!?!?!") got mommy some much needed clothes and mommy and Gabby some shoes, then we went and saw Madagascar for the second time. She was the best-est little girl EVER!!! I love, love, love, love, love love my little girl!!

    But really, you need to ask Manda how excited Gabby was about getting her "Barbie" from the Disney Store on Friday cause that was funny as heck!!

    But seriously if you don't believe my two year old has problems with her shoe fetish this conversation took place on the way to daycare this morning.

    "Go shopping? SHOES!?"
    "No, Gabby we're going to school not shopping."
    "Shoes? Go Shopping?"


    Ack!! I almost saved this with out telling you some of her new phrases.

    What she says to make me giggle:

    Wait a minute

    What she says to make me laugh so hard I pee my pants:

    Oh my Goh
    I fart

    and those are just some of her new tricks.

    Her new teacher, totally gives them scissors. You know, to cut with. And. I. DIED. The first time I saw this. (they are not sharp and all that jazz but still. scissors in my child's hand.) But other than that I love her new teacher (ack! Did I even tell ya'll she got moved into the 3 year old class? EARLY?!)
    posted by Tc @ 12:10 PM  
    • At 8/22/05, 12:29 PM, Anonymous Manda said…

      "i'm getting a barbie, manda! barbie!" was said about 3827402983748326489629584 times on the way to the mall. it was really cute. :D

    • At 8/22/05, 9:58 PM, Blogger Dina said…

      Oh my gosh she makes me laugh. She is so cute! As my mother says, Gabby is completely your child.

    • At 11/1/07, 11:33 AM, Blogger Lizy said…

      Barbie always looks cute..Shoe shopping one of my favorite..

    • At 11/1/07, 12:35 PM, Blogger Fashion said…

      Hey you are looking so cute!!!Cute one having cute things like Caterpillar shoes..ohhhhh!!!!!!Blog is colorful with you and the art..!!!!!!

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