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    If I go crazy will you still call me Superman
    Yeah I've got that song stuck in my head sorry. If I still have the OTHER song that is interfering with this one tomorrow I'll make that the title as well. (oh so not fun to have one song stuck in your head. Sucks when there is two fighting for "air time")

    But anyways. What was I going to tell you? Oh!! That's right lets talk books. Because I've been putting this off forever (since like last summer) and since I no longer remember the self dictated posts that went with the books I'm going to talk about consider your selves lucky.

    Ok class today we will be discussing (they link to the books on Amazon.com)

    So lets start at the beginning with the book THAT NEVER ENDS!!! *ahem* Otherwise known as the Witching Hour.
    IMG_0382 Lovely pictures of my worn and tattered copy. Upon seeing these you may think this book was ready many times. Nope just twice.
    I think my orginal post about this book was going to go on and on about how it never ends. It really is a great story but I feel it should have been two books not one. The first should have been the Mayfair history and the second should have delt with Rowan and Michael. There cliff notes done!

    Second is Gone with the Wind. As I'm sure most of us have I saw the movie first. I LOVE the movie. Then I read the book last year. I still like the movie, but uhh.... as it tends to happen the book was soooooo WAY BETTER!! Vivian is beautiful but (and don't take my word for it read the book!) Scarlett was not supposed to be pretty. Well not beautiful like Vivian any way, her attraction was her personality not her looks so much. And gosh I have never hated a main character sooooo much. Nor was I ever so torn between feeling for her and wanting to smack the living daylight out of her. God Scarlett! How could you be so damned stupid?!?!?! Also did you know Bonnie wasn't her only child? I had a hard time getting going on this book, but I think it's because my heart wasn't in it. I highly recommend reading this book. Also I LOOOOOOVE Rhett, not as much as My Gilbert (Anne of Green Gables Series) but no one could fill those shoes.

    Thirdly we have Scarlett the "Sequel" to Gone With the Wind. This is a wonderful story please don't get me wrong. I'm all about how people can change but, I'm just not buying it. It just wasn't Scarlett in this book, not the Scarlett that I had mixed feelings about from G.W.T.W. She didn't have the bite and vitality that the original did. And Rhett was kinda well weak, I didn't like him so much in this book either. There were just alot of things Scarlett did in this book that I don't think Scarlett would do, like EVER in her life. I still recommend this book, but don't read it expecting the same flow, life and bite you get from the original.

    Fourth is Memoirs of a Geisha. I'm sure by now most everyone has seen the movie (but I'm still not going to give anything away, have not fear.) This is another one where I saw the movie first and LOVED it! But it too falls short when you read the book. After the book the movie seems to move to fast and not tell the real story. Sure it gets some of the major points right, but they left almost too much out. I wasn't sure what I'd get when I started this book but I got more than I bargained for. Given the time and the opportunity I could have read this book in one day. It isn't something I would normally read but it jumps up and grabs your attention and demands to be read. My mother just finished the book (and I believe she did read it in one day) and loved it. AND this book is not the kind she reads (she's more of the Tom Clancy type). So go read it. Like now. Go to the library and read it.

    And last is Dragons Milk. Don't laugh at me now, but the first time I read this book I was in sixth grade. And the story stayed with me sooo well that late highschoo or just after I had to go to the book store and have it specially ordered for me. At the time it cost me an arm and a leg (I was soooooooo broke it's not even funny, but priorities you know) and I never once regretted it. It's just as rich and moving now (I'm just about done re-reading it for the goodness only knows how many times) as it was then. I ready fantasy books of the vampire and witch nature. Dragon's not so much. But this is I don't know. It's about Kaeldra the green eyed girl who is a (unknown to her) dragonsayer, Embry, Pyro and Synge three draclings she tries to get to safety after their mother dies. There is more to this story than I'm giving you and I'm sorry about that but I don't want to ruin anything. I say go out on a limb and try this book. You may not see what I see and you may wonder if I WAS going crazy, but at least you will have read it. For a short book it packs in alot of story and adventure. The hard back has 242 pages but it's large print.

    And it's not like I'm telling you to go back and re-read the Babysitters Club books and telling like how totally awesome they still are! Like for sure!

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    posted by Tc @ 9:34 AM  
    • At 1/26/07, 3:29 PM, Blogger Dina said…

      Alright, Here is my discussion point for Gone With The Wind (since really it is the only one I read the whole way through).

      The book, though generally better than the movie, I have to say was nothing compared to the series of movies for Gone With The Wind. I enjoyed the emotion portrayed in the book but what I loved even more was the Scarlett movie series that tied up all the loose ends. Watch the original and then watch Scarlett and then tell me what you think. I think it is well worth the watch.

      P.S. If you really love period movies like that, I would highly recommend the North and South series. It is 6 or 7 disks but my God it is the best ever. Plus, it was back when Patrick Swayze was still hot =D

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