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    The Great, the Good, The Bad and the Ugly Bitch
    Now that the weeks 1/2 over lets get reacquainted.

    So much has happened since we last spoke.

    Sunday we all got together to celebrate Dina's birthday, and since she wasn't here we called to sing her Happy Birthday!

    aprilandlizzy lizzy

    hotstuff paperhats

    patycake bakemeapie

    Guest of Honor!
    Dina darling you looked wonderful in that new pink frock of yours!
    Lets see....
    I decorated my desk for Halloween
    scarywork7 scarywork6
    scarywork4 scarywork5
    scarywork scarywork2
    Talented no?
    And now we come to the Bad and the Ugly Bitch portion of our blog.
    Alex and I spoke with the owner of the daycare. She sat down with us and did the math. We only owed her $40.00. Never once mentioned that we were not paying for Gabby's lunch. Acknowleged the fact Gabby's last day is the 13th. This Friday.
    Fine whatever $40 and we can leave no problem.
    Yesterday I get this lovely e-mail. Names changed to be polite.
    From: Owner of Daycare
    To: Gabrielle Marks
    Sent: Monday, October 9, 2006 12:11:48 PM


    It seems a very simple calculation and I don't understand why you are confused and upset. You paid four checks for September and October both months tallying to $660.00. Leaving your balance at $100.00 for two months lunch and the $90.00 supply fee that is unpaid from August totaling a $190.00 balance.

    Unfortunately your checks can not be refunded as they are already considered one month's payment of which we require. Had we not made an exception by allowing you to pay weekly your tuition would already be considered paid. According to our policy if a notice of withdrawing receive after the first of the month the tuition will be forfeited.

    We require that Gaby continues attending our school through the end of the month, not dropping in the middle. We need to receive a check for $190 immediately. Please understand our policies are set in place to protect the well being of our school.
    I think we should be Caty first don't you? First learn to fucking read. My last name is Marx not Marks, and Gabby's last name is neither of those. Also it's fucking spelled G-A-B-B-Y. How HARD is that and how many times do I need to tell you and spell it?
    Moving on to the points that are important
    1.) Yes simple math for those who like to rip people off. Pick a story and stick with it. None of this was mentioned when we spoke face to face and you showed me our ledger and we did the math together.
    2.) Fine give the two checks you won't be cashing back or don't either way they will be canceled.
    3.) Show me this policy. The only policy I found regarding withdrawing my child is that if I do it before the academic year is up I lose my deposit.
    4.) Require all you fucking want, but since I am her mother I am the law when it comes to my child. She is not staying arrangements have been made.
    Personally I think she sent this because Gabby was not at school Monday. She stayed home with me, I had the day off, and they were worried she wouldn't come back.
    Now I was a bit nicer when I replied. See...
    I am frustrated to say the least. Gabby's last day is Friday, I'm sorry arrangements have already been made.

    Now we are back to owing lunch money? Please tell me how that is. When we sat down and talked with you last week, you never mentioned that we weren't paying for her lunches. As a matter of fact I showed you the math and we are paying for it. I would like to know how it is we went from owing $40 when we spoke with you last week to owing $190 today. I would appreciate it if you would fax me a copy of our billing and payment history to 555-555-5555. Alex and I will go back and review our canceled checks and if there is any discrepancy we will bring you the cancelled checks to support.

    I would also appreciate a fax copy of the withdrawal policy because all I was ever given or told was that if we remove her before the academic year we lose our deposit.

    We have been making arrangements for her withdrawal after we had the parent teacher conference. When I flat out asked if there is anything Gabby was doing well or was good at we were told no. This is not the type of environment I want for my child.
    I have not heard back yet. I sent a follow up this morning.
    I would appreciate a response to my e-mail yesterday. I would like to have this cleared up as soon as possible.
    Please fax a copy of our billing/pay history as well as a copy of the guidelines that says we need to give a months notice for withdrawal to 555-555-5555
    Now we wait.
    Oh also yesterday Alex was told Gabby can not wear her boots to school. Something about them not being safe on the playground or some stupid thing like that.
    Now I ask you, what is worse. Gabby's knee high closed toe boots, or her open all over sandals.
    I myself think it's the sandals. Open toes = stepped on toes, and splinters from the wood chips and how often do you find sandals with good gripping tread?
    Some one was being petty I believe.
    posted by Tc @ 11:53 AM  
    • At 10/11/06, 3:56 PM, Blogger Dina said…

      heehee, I like my pink frock. =D And your desk looks awesome!

      As for the daycare, run and run far!!!! I can't wait for her to get out of there.

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