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    Come Play with me!
    So I asked for some post suggestions and so far this is what I have:

    From Dina:

    Here is your subject for you Gone With the Wind to Be Broadway Musical


    OMG NO!! This is wrong on sooooooooo many levels! Gone With the Wind the Musical?! Just kill me now and get it over with.
    Ok and one of the wrongest things about this? "The big desired star to play Rhett Butler: Hugh Jackman." Am I the only woman in the world who does not worship at the Alter of Jackman? I don't find the man handsome in the least, also, No. This man is NOT Rhett Butler material, he's just not man enough (my apologies to the devout). No I think... I think he should play, ah yes if he must be in this abomination he should play Frank Kennedy (the store owner Scarlett married that was betrothed (kinda) to her sister while Rhett was in jail) or he should play Jonas Wilkerson the Overseer.
    Now you probably want to know who I think should play Rhett, and you know I'll have to get back to you when I think of a man who is Man, Sexy and Strong enough.
    Other than the singing the other part I protest is the concept "As it's planned now, this version of "Gone with the Wind" will adhere to the novel more than the well-known film, still considered the all-time box office champ based on adjusted figures from 1939.
    That means that this "GWTW" will be a little darker than remembered, with the story told through the eyes of the slaves at Tara.
    "If you remember, Scarlett is really left with the slaves, and they become her family," a production insider says. "That will be more of the emphasis of the story, with Rhett more of a darker, more complicated character.""
    Ummm.... the book was about Scarlett and her life, not how the slaves saw her. It sounds to me like they are going to take liberties with this story that they shouldn't.

    Genevieve said...
    oh, funny, I posted a similar post yesterday! So, to inspire you as I was inspired by others, here are some ideas that I'd love to read about: 1. did you like high school? 2. have you read anything good/seen anything good that you could review? (and)/or 3. would you rather be invisible or be able to time travel?


    1.) High School? Generally I liked it, I wasn't popular by any stretch of the imagination I just kinda floated. I didn't really care much. I wasn't a stoner, cheerleader, one of the kids that prayed in the band hallway, thespian, or active in any sports I don't think I was really lumped with a group. I played nice with people from all the above groups (that is if the deemed I was worth talking to). Really survived because I had wonderful friends, and I'm happy to say that all the friends I made in high school that were important to me are still my friends now and still important. Love you guys!

    2.) I just finished The Other Boleyn Girl and it was fascinating! I love how Philippa Gregory narrated the story though the eyes of Mary Carey (Boleyn) (OMG did you know there is a porn star named Mary Carey? I found out because I Googled Mary Carey looking for paintings of the Lady so I could picture her a little better and I have never hit the back button so fast!! I did find some when I tried again under Mary Boleyn) But any ways. I like how the narrative matured with the character, it really brought these people to life for me. And now? I'm obsessed. I want to read much more about them and I want to read all her books! I wonder how close she got to the truth with out knowing it? Also I wonder what happened to Mary and Henry's kids.

    3.) Oh is this a Heroes type question? Would I rather be like Hiro (sooo cute!!) and be able to change time and fix things? Or like the creepy guy on the roof who can be invisible and do what ever he wants and go where ever he wants? Neither I bring forth a 3rd option! I choose to have fly boy's brothers (I soooo suck with names) power! I want it all! I want to absorb others peoples gifts with out killing them! And use them as I please! That is my choice!

    That's it so far, so if you have a question or suggestion just leave them in the comments!

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    posted by Tc @ 8:30 AM  
    • At 2/27/07, 4:51 PM, Blogger Genevieve said…

      I loved the Other Boleyn Girl, too. I thought it was very well written & it totally drew me in. did you know they're making a movie of it?

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