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    Part Duh
    Hi Dina! Yeah I seriously kinda forgot about part two.

    So anyway.... they contact the Dr. and it is decided to keep me for a few hours and see how I progress. So WAY more pain and no drugs and at the check time I've only gained a centimeter. And a new evil nurse who suggests that walking may help.


    Logic wins out and I have Alex walk me up and down the LOOOOOONG (ok it was short) hall.

    Ok maybe walking is generous. More like hobbling with much stopping and wanting to die/scream/kill.

    OMG that is pain I am not soon to forget.

    Finally I have to give up.

    After a bit the evil nurse (granted this is colored by my pain not that she was evil or mean or anything.) comes in to check my dilation. And in the, god I forget it was, like an hour or two I gained 3 centimeters. WOOOOT!

    So the walking helped speed things up a bunch.


    And OMG it was FOREVER before they gave me the epidural.

    Insert much crying attempted controlled breathing more crying. PAIN!!

    Natural birth is for the birds.

    And the women who go through it are much stronger than I.

    Finally they bring in the saint to give me my epidural.

    I love her.


    I did not get happy with the button this time.

    Instead I opted to sleep.

    And you know what.

    The fricking thing wore off.


    I pushed the button quite often and nothing.

    The angel upped my dose.

    It's kinda trippy how the pain stops and you can't feel your feet, legs anything, but you can still tell when things are you know coming out.

    I mentioned to the nurse that it felt like something was going on down there and she takes a quick peek and "Yep. It's just your water sack coming out."

    Uh Ok.

    At this point she starts getting things ready for the Dr's arrival.

    Fold out chair put back: Check
    Tools: Check
    Scale/bed thing they put the babies in: Check
    Bed dismantled feet in stirrups: Check
    Baby warmer warming up: Check

    As she was arranging things another nurse comes in and asks if she can take the scale thing since we are still waiting on the Dr. and they have one coming out sooner.


    Minuets after she walks out with the scale thing I have a new sensation.

    Uh. It feels like something bigger is coming out than the sac.

    Nurse checks.

    That would be her head.

    At this point the nurse only has time to grab gloves and play catch. And has Alex call for a back up nurse to clean and check the baby.

    Annbalynn was born still in her water sac.

    Just as the Dr. came in.

    It was too funny. The OMG WTF/ Surprised look on her face was priceless.

    Anne did it all on her own. I never pushed or anything. She just decided she was done cooking.

    Weighing a slight 7.47

    So small!

    Annbalynn Rose Davila

    Mom and Alex kept pushing me for the baby's name, but seeing as how I hadn't really seen her or held her I didn't want to commit.

    Once I had her in my arms I knew. Anne she was. And Gabby gave her her middle name. Annbalynn Rose Davila.

    Such a pretty baby. Looking just like her sister.

    Big SisterAnnbalynn Rose Davila

    And the weeks have flown by.

    She came out holding her head.

    She is already trying to roll over.

    She scoots amazingly well.

    She turns half circles during the night so she can kick me. (we sleep on the pull out in the living room, it lays on the floor.)

    Speaking of sleep, she crashes some time between 8 and 9 pm and sleeps for 4 or more hours. (dear god I hope I did not curse that) With just minor waking up for food, and back to sleep.

    I swear I'm starting to get real smiles not just gassy ones.

    She has severe Mommy-itis.

    She keeps growing.

    And I loves her.


    posted by Tc @ 4:36 PM  
    • At 4/25/09, 9:52 PM, Blogger Dina said…

      I will never, ever, ever forget that message you two left on my phone. I don't think I have heard you scream that loud in a long time.

      Alex: "Hey hun, we are at the hospital and Teresa is ready to have the bab..."

      You: "Tell her to activate the phone tree"

      Alex: "She wants to you activate some...."

      You: "Just f'ing tell her to activate the phone tree. She will know what I am talking about"

      Alex: "Yeah, So. She wants to you activate some tree thingy"

      ROFL. I laughed so hard I thought I was going to die. It was priceless!

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