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    Yeah I need a Stiff drink and a Smoke, its that good
    Yeah so lets start with the mundane. My birthday is all of 19 days away, I have two new Gael things to add to my birthday wish list. This and This (this second one BTW great shot of his green eyes...Sexy). Yes Yes I know "Can't you please just shut up about him already?" Well no. No I'm afraid I can't. Yeah so I'm thinking hard about what we are doing for my birthday since the weekend I wanted to do it is out (Mary (Alex's sister) is getting married on the 23rd). I'm thinking the weekend before but I'll let you know more later. Tiki Taki. K its still not out of my system. Oh look at this!!! THIS is why I need that drink and smoke!! Talk about one hell of a fantasy and it's not even my birthday yet!! Gael and Brad Pitt are making a movie together!!

    So yeah I was going to write up this nice fantasy, but then I decided I want to keep my friends and not have them look at me all grossed out. SO here is the clean cliff notes version:

    Scene 1

    Madame X is at a swank Hawaiian resort spending time at the pool, just relaxing and tanning her petite yet curvy frame (F* off it's my freaking fantasy I can look how I want). Minding her own business, when all the sudden she is engulfed by a mini tidal wave from the pool. Being very pissed because she is SO not wearing her swimming swim suite (ladies you know what I'm talking about) but thank all that is good that she had put on her water proof mascara. Feeling justifiably upset she looks (with daggers mind you) for what she is sure was someone's snot nosed brat, only to find that the culprit is
    only the hottest man she has seen at the resort if not ever. Damned he's good looking. (thank you again for the presence of mind to put on waterproof.) Being slightly un-nerved and miffed she goes to change. Almost to the door she has the feeling she's being watched, and upon looking over her shoulder she is indeed still being watched by Mr. Hotter Than Hot, who is now standing by the chair she had vacated towel drying his hair and smiling at her.
    Cut Scene
    Scene 2
    A few hours later at the hotel Bar/Restaurant Madame is sitting by herself enjoying a Godiva Chocolate Covered Strawberry drink and some smart looking novel at a table near a gas fireplace. Being engrossed in her novel she never heard the man approach and sit at her table.
    "Pardon me. Do you mind if I sit her and film you"
    She lets out a startled squeak/scream as she is ruthlessly yanked back to reality by the sexiest voice. "Excuse me?!" There he was. Sitting down just across from her. Looking quite amazing in his very GQ type clothing. Not that the clothing stopped her from picturing the image that he cut by the pool.
    "May I film you?"
    "Isn't it pointless to ask if you already have the camera out?"
    Fill in with your own witty flirty banter that has a well understood under current.
    Cut Scene
    Scene Five-ish (yes much was omitted)
    *insert your own sad ending. What a shame this couldn't last and must be left here on the islands* God how could you leave that face??
    The end
    Yeah so that is the frame work. See you are still all my friends and not very grossed out!!
    Also you couldn't hear it but there was a kick ass sound tract to go with this fantasy as well.
    posted by Tc @ 4:00 PM  
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