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    Not much. Not much. So I lied... Alot. Alot.
    So I found some people to add to my links list. Go visit. Go share the love.

    As for my slightly creepy obsessive and well creepy post yesterday, I have to say, I am still hurt. Manda gave me a new book to try (bless her heart) called Eliot's Bannana (um yeah it's supposed to have that double meaning). And I just don't know. I haven't even started to really read it and I'm making up excuses to not like it. The main character, her name is Junie. Who is named Junie? June, yes. Julie, yes. Junie, no I'm soooo not feeling it. (By the way if any Junie's stop in and are offended by me not liking their names, I'm sorry) Here's the gist of the book (from the back cover) Junie is in a great relationship, meets older burnt out sci-fi writer has affair, regrets it when she realizes she wants what she had all along. Ta da they totally tell you the whole story on the back cover. But I will try to read it.

    We have finally made some apartment friends for Gabby and Alex. I would say me but I'm the American out. With the exception of Gabby and the oldest child no one else speaks English. You know sometimes I really hate the fact that Alex is Mexican (yeah I know like he could help it.) but not really. Hate is too strong. Dislike. We go and have nightly (early evening) play dates (as of this week). And it's great for Gabby she gets to play with Abby (yes that is hard)(no she doesn't speak English either) who is the same age but like half Gabby's size. But they are cute. But I get left to run after the little children while the rest of the parents talk to Alex because I can't speak Spanish and they can't speak English. Joy o Joy. Just like most of the get togethers with his family. I can either engulf myself in Gabby or stare off into space. I go to be polite but really I would rather run and hide. But enough whining.

    I'm sure just about everyone out there knows this already, but Dinasour, that CGI movie by Disney is fantastic. I was so yelling at the screen, under the pretext of getting Gabby and Abby interested in what was going on (didn't work by the way). I have the Postman Always Rings Twice to watch this weekend. Can I say since I had this dream about the lead actor, John Garfield, I have been so obsessed (thanks a lot Turner Classic Movies). I was devastated to learn that he died at the age of 39, I think, while they were trying to black list him. But anyways I digress. So Monday I return those movies and hope that Gabby gets either Mulan II (long wait) or The Incredibles. While I will be hoping that I will finally get Motorcycle Diary's so I can get a Gael fix. But if that doesn't happen I hope I get Alfie but it that fails I know I will get Mystic River.

    Wish me luck this weekend. We're going out to Mom's to help her plant her 8 new tree's. But in return she is taking us out to see Robots. This feels like an even trade to me! I'll let you know how it goes!

    But first: necklace A picture of Gabby, for the fun of it.

    Till then
    posted by Tc @ 3:36 PM  
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