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    Today SUCKS!!!
    Well today sucks major Arse so far.

    I went, as I normally do on Tuesday mornings, to take Gabby to daycare. Only when I get there I am informed that there is no longer a two year old class as of Friday. Well wasn't that nice of them to tell me. Since she only goes on Tuesdays and Thursdays I had no idea. Noooooo they didn't offer to put her in a different class for today since I had no idea and was blind sided. So I have to take Gabby to work, and call Aunt D. Who is sched for her Chemo treatment at 10 to see if she can run Gabby home. Bless her heart she did me that huge favor and unfortunately I think it made her late to her appointment. We'll I've had a few hours to calm down since I started typing this (work is a great distraction) so I can calmly relay what the daycare told me. I knew that Gabby's teacher had quit, what I didn't know was that the teacher of the other two year old class had to resign in the middle of one of her shifts to move back to Florida ASAP for a family emergency. I was under the impression they were only down one teacher instead of 6 who had all recently left for various reasons. So they started calling parents on Friday to inform them of this drastic change. Only they card they have is the one from when I first started her at that daycare oh about a year ago. I have since moved homes and jobs. I know I gave them my updated info and that they have called me on my new work number. God Only Knows what they did with it. Well the reason they had to shut down the classes goes as follows. Hire punk ass kids who don't really know what they are doing for a quick fix, or spend the time to find qualified teachers to replace the great ones they have lost. Given the options I choose door number two. So that means for the next two weeks or so she is home with her daddy allllllll week. So this is all major suckage.

    But on the upside I just got my tapestry that I won on e-bay and it is lovely!!!
    posted by Tc @ 12:54 AM  
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