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    Weekend Picture recap
    But first... Look I made Gabby a uniform skirt! Pleats and all!!

    One uniform skirt down

    So Friday we met up for Jenny's Birthday dinner. You guys call me paranoid! I'm worried about hitting 30 and she's already stressing 50! Love you Jenny! But anyways the baby of the group just turned 25!
    April and I were the first ones to get to On The Boarder and OMG Lizzy is so walking! (video over there --->)
    A very good time was had by all!
    Gabby and Lizzy Playing before Jenny's Birthday Dinner
    Jenny's Party

    Then Saturday morning Lizzy and April took a break from packing to come over for a play date!
    Can I just say that Gabby soooooooooo wants to be a big sister now! I have to say I think she would make a great big sister too.

    Oh and why didn't anyone tell me that kids make great maids?! And how easy it is to exploit the fact that they want to help?!

    I hope everyone had a great and productive weekend!
    posted by Tc @ 10:07 AM  
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