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    Bah Humbug
    Dear Subprime Market and current Economy,
    You super suck.
    I hate you.
    When I die, I shall bequeath you my debt and bills. While in total this is not an earth shattering amount, I just hate you that much.
    Nanner Nanner Boo Boo,
    Dear Kindly Benevolent Wealthy Stranger That I Hope Will Come Along,
    Would you mind bearing my load for a few days, maybe a week?
    Could you possibly pay a few things? They don't have to be the big things. Just some of the small things that are killing me would be nice.
    Could you find me a doppelganger for tonight's meeting with the lady from the county?
    I sure could use some stress free time before it affects my baby and before I get any sicker.
    Oh and since you are so obviously Magical.... Can we please stop making me get up in the middle of the night to bounce off furniture and walls so I can use the restroom? I sure would love a full nights sleep.
    I love you and THANK YOU!
    Dear Littlest Baby Love,
    Hi honey! How are you?
    Darling is there any particular reason you could not have made your debut two years ago when Mommy had a good, secure job she loved and had silly little things like health insurance?
    Is there a reason you had to pick now?
    I love you big big and I can't wait till I'm sure that is you I feel moving. I look forward to the first time you kick your daddy hello. Your big sister kicked him in the head, I'll try to work it so that she doesn't upstage you in that regard.
    Dear Stress,
    Curl up and die.
    I don't have time and energy for you.
    Eff You,

    posted by Tc @ 3:51 PM  
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