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    Like Mother like Daughter
    This morning while packing Gabby's lunch I asked her to save her peach pit if she remembers so we can try planting some. At which point she gets real excited and says she has one and runs to her room. While she is doing that I go to my room and get a twisted napkin from my purse.
    She and I met back up in the dining room unwrapping our prizes. Mine in a napkin Gabby's in what appears to be a tissue. Upon seeing this Alex pipes up:
    "Wow, anal retentive much? You both are nuts."
    I proudly produce my pit and help Gabby unwrap hers.
    You guys the kid had managed to split the pit cleanly in half to where you could see the insides. That was AWESOME!
    I just couldn't help but be impressed that we were on the same thought train yesterday with trying to preserve some seeds to plant. She has also claimed the pits from two avocados so she can grow her own trees (as in literally claiming them I had just cut the avocados for sandwiches and set the pits aside and she grabbed the pits before they got washed off and asked Alex for toothpicks).
    I have a peach and nectarine pits to bring home today, I wonder if she saved any of hers....
    I seriously <3 (heart) this kid!
    Can I also say I am grateful my child likes to try new things. That she loves Spaghetti Squash. That she took a Bacon Avocado Cheese sandwich to school... because that was what she wanted! She is just as curious and eager to try the Butternut Squash I bought as I am. She loves to try new cheeses but doesn't care for Swiss yet, but is a big fan of Aged English Sharp Cheddar. She has requested I get some sprouts so we can have sandwiches "like those ones we had that time at that place?"
    I love that she is getting to the point where she can request dinners even if I have to play twenty questions to find out what she wants.
    Last weekend
    "Mommy, can you make that thing you made for dinner yesterday?"
    I didn't make dinner last night remember? You were out with Daddy and Grandma Elsie.
    "Yeah I know. The night befores dinner?"
    Umm... why don't you describe it to me.
    "It had pasta, little veggies and shrimp. Very Yummy." (seriously you should have seen her she was talking with her hands and making the cutest faces)
    OH! Yesterday's lunch!
    Hmm.... A post that is pretty much all about food. This is proof positive that my apatite has returned! Mostly life has returned to normal with minimal baby side effects. I'm still passing out around 9:30, SUPER motion sick sensitive, hating smells with a passion and various other minor things, but I'm not as crabby and *gasp* I'm hungry again AND I don't ALWAYS feel like ass warmed over!
    Can I say one of the suckiest parts of living in TX? Where the heck are all the Community Gardens? With the price of food and economic short falling there should be WAY more than the ones I have found. But that is a tangent for another day.

    posted by Tc @ 3:37 PM  
    • At 10/10/08, 6:11 PM, Blogger Dina said…

      Let me know if you guys like the Butternut Squash. I have the most incredible soup recipe that makes a creamy butternut squash soup. It is to die for!!!

    • At 10/10/08, 7:23 PM, Blogger Manda said…

      too cute! There is a community garden across the street from my work, but I do live in hippie CA. Just saying... ;)

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