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    Get Comfy, this may take a bit
    We have a lot of ground to cover.
    Here's a quick outline
    1.) I'm sure your tired of it but The Dress
    2.) Short version about the why's of getting married twice
    3.) Why Gabby should never ever ever have a panic attack
    4.) Manda's meme
    It will fit!!! And don't worry I'm going to be more like Manda and make a separate blog for my sewing stuff so as not to become single minded here
    You know that whole debate our country is currently in (no not the gay one or the war one) yeah the immigration one. See Alex is really an Alejandro from Mexico. We are doing the JOP for the government. See they don't want him to work since a long time ago he came over with his Mom and sister (Kids! People are they supposed to say Mom this is wrong lets go back to where you really have no money and life sucks?) on a day pass and just failed to go back. Make things a bit difficult. Well he found an AWESOME job that has hired him on as contract labor for now and are loaning him the money to get legal. So the JOP is for the government. No friends, no family no no one. It won't be celebrated or hopefully remembered either. There is a program being rapidly phased out that once we are married will allow him to get his papers in 90 days. Then we will get married for real (I'm eyeing spring 2008). Mind blowing did you realize we have been together for 4 1/2 years?!!
    Gabby starts a new school on Tuesday. Do you know what kind of fear that strikes into my heart? I myself am on the verge of some sort of panic attack. Gabby seems fine.
    I think I missed the first and some second days of school almost every year. See when I was young we moved a lot so that it was rare for me to spend more than a year at a school. New places scare me new people terrify me. I would get so scared that it would appear I was suffering from the flu every morning of the first day of school. A few hours after it was settled that I really wasn't going to be made to go that day I would be all better!! I think I stopped missing the first day in 6th grade. It was guaranteed I would be going to the same school and be in the same class with my friends Heather Dangle (wow it's been a million years I don't think that's the right spelling) and Misty Sutton (girls you know who you are and I'm trying to find you!!) so that was a good year. Then we moved to Texas. I was a little old to be missing the first day but man I sure could have. Not only was this a new school with new people it was in a NEW STATE and they talked funny (or so I assumed)!! I was scared shitless. I didn't speak to anyone until gosh that must have been 3rd period when I asked this girl who didn't look too threatening if she new where the theater class was. She did as a mater of fact, she had that class next, go ahead and follow me. And I did, keeping my distance. I wanted to know her but I was to shy/scared so I sat a row behind her. That was Stacy. She was the first friend I made down here and we are still friends. Through her I met Dina and Dennis. (I seem to have digressed) So the next year I was still very scared, who's to say I would have any classes with people I knew!!! Starting High School started me back to begin very very scared. Bigger schools mean more people which means God why don't you just kill me know I can't stand this!!! I stopped being afraid of school by the 11th grade. I was with the same people all the time now. And it was good. Now new jobs are my 1st days of school. I hate it. Totally besides the point.
    I am currently suffering from the same anxiety attacks I used to have when I was younger, all because Gabby needs a new school and starts Tuesday. I'm honestly so worked up over it that I cried myself to sleep the other night, and any time the thought of her starting the new school creeps into my mind my heart feels like it turns to stone and starts dropping and my stomach starts rising and I'm on the verge of the crying/puking 1st days of school again. I'm a mess. So I figure if I'm this worked up over her first day of school, her leaving her friends behind (Megan!! Her BEST FRIEND!! *SOB*), well I'm messed up enough for the both of us. May she never have to have a puking/crying first day of school.
    Manda Tagged me
    Five items in my freezer
    Mint chocolate Chip Ice Cream
    Smart Ones
    Assorted frozen veggies
    Five items in my closet
    Alex's clothes
    Five items in my car
    Car seat
    toll tag
    Five items in my purse
    Check Book
    Pressed Powder
    Five people I tag
    No one that doesn't want to do this!
    posted by Tc @ 11:17 AM  
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